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The download button is missing

The Document Library Pro plugin comes with a link column which contains links to download the document. You can choose to display these as either a clickable button, text link, or file type icon.

If the button isn't showing, then this is how you can troubleshoot the problem.

First, check the columns documentation and make sure the link column has been added correctly.

Go to the 'Documents' section of the WordPress admin and click on any document to open the 'Edit Document' screen. Make sure a 'Document Link' has been added in the top right corner - this can either be a link to a downloadable document, or to any third party URL (for example a file on Dropbox or YouTube).

3. Is the button styling missing?

If you have selected the 'button' link style but only a text link is appearing, then this means that your theme doesn't contain styling for buttons. Please send us a support request and we will be happy to send your some custom CSS code to style the links as buttons.

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