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Viewing and managing discounts

Once you have created discounts using the WooCommerce Discount Manager plugin, it's easy to view and edit them. As the store owner, you can also see which discounts customers used in their orders. This article explains how to do both of these things. 

How to view and manage discounts you have created

Discounts page

All the discounts that you have created are listed under Marketing → Discounts in the WordPress dashboard:

WooCommerce Discount Manager list discounts

The main discounts page lists all the discounts in your store, with the following information about each one:


The 'Priority' column indicates the order of priority for your discounts. This is used in 2 ways:

  • To determine which discount to use in case of conflict. It is only possible for one discount to be used at once, so if multiple discounts could potentially apply, then the one with the highest priority will be used.
  • To determine which Product page content to display if a particular product is eligible for more than one discount.

You can easily change the priority order by dragging and dropping the 'Sort' icons in the list of discounts. Priority 1 is highest.


The name of the discount. This is only ever used for internal purposes in the WordPress admin.

Hover over the discount name to make the following actions:

  • Edit
  • Duplicate
  • Delete


This column contains information about the type of discount and the exact details of the discount.

Applies to

This column lists which products and categories the discount applies to.


Use this toggle to turn each discount on and off. If the toggle is blue then it means the discount is active and live on your site (unless you have used the Availability option to schedule it outside of the current date).

Tip: You can also schedule discounts automatically by entering a start and end date in the Availability option.

How to edit a discount

To edit an existing discount, hover over its name and click 'Edit'. This will open up all the options for the discount, which you can change as needed. Click 'Save' when you have finished.

How to see which discounts have been used in a customer order

When a customer places an order using a discount, the name of the discount is displayed to them on the cart and checkout page, order confirmation page, and in their customer account area.

The name of any discounts used in the order are also displayed on the 'Edit order' page in the WordPress admin under WooCommerce → Orders. This information can be useful to you as store owner, for example if you are processing a refund and need to make sure you don't refund the incorrect amount.

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