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Code snippet: Hide the download button for certain documents

People normally use the Document Library Pro plugin to display documents with a link to an individual page for each document and/or a button to download the document. However, there are situations where you may wish to hide the download button for documents where you have not uploaded a file. Normally, if a document does not have a file attached then the download button will link to the single document page - however, you may not want this.

The following code snippet will hide the download button in the link column for documents where the Document Link field is set to "None":

 add_filter( 'document_library_pro_download_button_should_display', function( $display, $obj, $link_text, $link_style, $link_destination ) {
	$link_type = get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), '_dlp_document_link_type', true );
	if ( ! empty( $link_type ) && $link_type !== 'none') {
		return true;
    return false;
}, 10, 5 );

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