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Can I add a full-width description under the product name and other information?

Most people who use our WooCommerce Product Table plugin want to display each piece of data as a separate column. However, some people like to position the short or long description as a full-width column underneath the other information about each product.

This isn't a feature of the plugin as such, however you can achieve something similar by forcing the short or main description to appear in a 'child row' instead of having its own column, and setting the child row to always be visible. You can do this by combining the column_breakpoints and responsive_display options in WooCommerce Product Table.

You can see this in action in the 'WooCommerce table with short description underneath in a visible child row' table on our demo page. As you can see, the short description is below the title:

WooCommerce product table with short description in visible child row

Here's the shortcode that we used to create this demo table. The 'summary' column is set to 'none' in the column breakpoints option, which means that it will appear in the child row on all devices and never in its own column:

[product_table columns="image,name,tags,weight,att:color,att:size,reviews,price,stock,buy,summary:Short Description" responsive_display="child_row_visible" column_breakpoints="default,default,default,default,default,default,default,default,default,default,none"]

In your own shortcode, you will need to ensure that the column breakpoints option lists the correct number of columns. All the columns should be set to "default" apart from the column which you wish to display as full-width in the row below, which should be set to "none".

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