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Warning: product filters are using the same data source

WooCommerce Product Filters lets you add any number of filters to your WooCommerce store, allowing customers to filter by different product criteria.

There is one caveat: each filter must be unique on any given page. You cannot display two or more of the same filter on the same page. For example, you cannot show the price filter above the product grid and show the price filter in the sidebar.

We use the term "data source" to define the type of product filter - for example: "price",  "product category", "color attribute", etc. You should only display one filter for each data source on each page. Adding more than one can lead to unpredictable results, such as filters not loading correctly.

Why am I seeing this warning?

You have added two or more filters that share the same data source. When this happens, we display a warning at the bottom of the page which is only visible to Store Managers and Administrators. The warning will look something like this:

This message is visible to Administrators and Store Manager only. The following filters are using the same data source: Color, Size. Filters must be unique and must not share the same data source.

How do I fix it?

To fix the problem, you need to determine which filters on the page are sharing the same data source:

  • Have you added the same filter group twice to your page? For example, have you added the group above the product grid and to the sidebar using the Product Filters widget?
  • Have you added the same filter group to different sidebar widgets which appear on the same page?
  • Have you added different instances of the same filter to a filter group. For example, have you used the same product attribute in two different filters within the group?

Edit your filter groups, widgets or settings to ensure that each filter is only displayed once on the page. For example, remove the duplicate filter from the group, or remove a widget from the sidebar.

For more details, please refer to the creating filters and groups documentation.

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