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Editing and deleting product tabs

Once you have added some tabs using the WooCommerce Product Tabs plugin, it's easy to edit or delete them.

Where to edit and delete custom tabs

The usual place to edit your custom tabs is at Products → Product Tabs. Find the tab in the list and click on it to edit it.

If you have overridden the global content for a tab for a specific product, then you can edit the product-specific version on the 'Edit Product' screen. Scroll down to the 'Product Data' section and open the 'Product Tabs' tab to find it.

Either way, find the tab and either click on it to edit it, or use the Trash/Remove link to delete it.

How to edit the default product page tabs

WooCommerce Product Tabs also lets you edit the default tabs that are part of WooCommerce itself - i.e. the Description, Reviews, and Additional Information tabs. You can do this on the plugin settings page.

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