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Where do the product options appear on the front end of my website?

Once you have installed WooCommerce Product Options and created some product options, they will appear on the single product page for all the products that you have enabled the options for.

That works well for some types of store. However, there are lots of products where it's best for customers to be able to choose options without having to visit a separate page for each product.

Use WooCommerce Product Options with our other plugins to display them in sales-boosting locations in other parts of your store. This article provides some examples.

Display product options in a quick one-page order form

Our WooCommerce Product Table plugin lists some or all of your products in a conversion-optimized order form view. Customers can see more products at once, and can quickly select items and add to the cart without having to visit a separate page for each product.

When you use it with WooCommerce Product Options, the options for each product appear in the 'Buy' column of the table.

Select product options from a quick view lightbox

Visiting a separate page for each product can really slow down the buying process for customers. However, the standard WooCommerce Shop page layout doesn't allow room for extra options.

The solution is to use WooCommerce Product Options with our Quick View Pro plugin. This displays extra product information - including all the product options - in a quick view lightbox. Customers launch the lightbox using the Quick View links on the Shop and category pages. They select options, add to the cart, and instantly return to the list of products where they can continue shopping.

Create a restaurant order form with food options

Our WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering plugin transforms WooCommerce into a professional online food ordering system.

Lots of restaurants offer a range of options for their food products, such as extra burger toppings or the ability to leave a tip. When you use WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering with the Product Options plugin, you can add extra options to different food products. Customers click on an item in the food order form to view the options in a user-friendly lightbox.

Create a bulk variations grid with extra options

Our WooCommerce Bulk Variations plugin replaces the variation dropdowns on the single product page with a time-saving grid view. Customers enter the quantity that they require for each variation, and instantly add them all to the cart.

You can use it with WooCommerce Product Options to allow customers to select extra options which will be applied to all of the selected variations. For example, lots of custom t-shirt printing shops use WooCommerce Bulk Variations to create a grid listing all the size and color options. Customers can use the File Upload product option to add a logo which will be printed on all the t-shirts.

Display the selected options in an on-page popup cart

As we saw above, you can speed up the customer journey by allowing them to select options without having to visit individual pages for each product. You can save them even more time by displaying the WooCommerce cart as a popup directly on the page, so that they don't have to visit a separate cart page to review their order.

To do this, simply install the WooCommerce Fast Cart plugin. When customers add products to the cart, they can quickly review their order and proceed to the checkout directly in a popup on-page mini cart. The selected options for each product appear in the popup cart, saving them the maximum amount of time.

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