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Can I CC all the WooCommerce customer email addresses to a specific address?

The WooCommerce Multiple Email Recipients plugin lets you:

  • Add extra email address fields for each customer, so that customers can add extra contacts to receive the emails.
  • Add extra email addresses to admin-related order notifications.

It is not possible to add a CC address who will receive a copy of all the customer order confirmation emails. This is because the customer emails are designed to go to the customer, and are not designed as an internal tool for managing your store.

Instead, you can achieve a similar result by using WooCommerce Multiple Email Recipients to add extra email addresses who will receive a copy of ALL new order notification emails. You can either set this globally, or send it to a different address based on which products or categories are in the order.

The 'New order' email is designed for internal use and is not for customers. As a result, this is a much better way of CC'ing a particular email address into all new orders.


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