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My attribute filters aren't working

WooCommerce Product Filters lets you create several types of attribute filter. These only work with global attributes which are added under Products → Attributes because you can apply global attributes to multiple products. If you have created attributes for each product individually on the 'Edit Product' page then it is not possible to filter by these attributes because the data is not shared across multiple products (even if they have the same name).

If you have created non-global attributes then you may have the following problems:

  • When you try to create a filter for an individual attribute, the attribute will not appear for you to select in the 'Attribute' dropdown.
  • Attribute filters using the 'Show filters for all available attributes' option will not appear because there are no eligible attributes to show filters for.

The solution is to re-create your attributes globally under Products → Attributes and then select them for each individual product.

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