How to make cool screenshots for a WordPress website

March 26, 2018

We've discovered a fantastic tool for presenting screenshots of your WordPress website on a laptop, tablet or iPhone screen. It's free and does all the hard work for you! As a WordPress website design agency, until recently we spent a lot of time using Photoshop to create cool images of our websites superimposed on iPhones, iPads, laptop screens etc. It's an impressive way to present a website and show the different responsive design screen sizes, but it can be time-consuming.

Life is now much easier now we've discovered Placeit...

Placeit is a fantastic tool that automatically creates professional-looking screenshots of a WordPress website (although it's not just for WordPress) and perfectly positions them on an image of an iPhone screen, iPad, laptop etc.

  1. Choose one of Placeit's dozens of images of different screens and printed materials
  2. Upload a screenshot or - even easier - just enter the URL and Placeit will grab a screenshot for you
  3. Placeit will automatically size the image and place it on the screen
  4. If the image you chose contains more than one screen (e.g. a mobile and a computer screen) then you can upload a different screenshot onto each screen - for example, to show the different responsive design layouts

The best bit is that all the above is free if you only need an image of 640x480 pixels. The prices are reasonable for larger or more complex images, and I think it's great that they have a free option as this will be sufficient for most people.

Placeit also have a small selection of product images, such as business cards, outdoor advertising screens and presentation folders. These are good for presenting your other design work, so it's not just for websites.

Note: If you want more control and would rather do it manually, then I'd recommend AgentVIP's fantastic responsive design mockup pack which is only $8 and has dozens of different options and devices.


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