How to design a winning homepage for a WordPress website

August 11, 2020

WordPress homepage designThe homepage is the most important page of any WordPress website. One look at your Google Analytics will show that it's almost certainly the most visited page. But how can you design a homepage that will introduce your website, direct people to the information they're looking for and achieve conversions?

Marketing Profs have produced this excellent infographic about good homepage ayout. It provides a methodical way to plan the content for any homepage design.

Annoyingly, you have to register for their website (free) to view it in full but it's still useful. I have also outlined the key points below.

Contents to include on your WordPress homepage design

'Above the fold' homepage content

  • Logo
  • Navigation menu
  • Any links to enter private areas of your site, e.g. member login
  • Main banner or hero image
  • Main headline
  • Call to action

Middle homepage content

  • Introduction
  • Portfolio
  • Blog
  • Sections containing whatever your visitors will find valuable, e.g. an introduction to your main USP's, products or services
  • Social proof e.g. testimonials, client logos, trust seals, award logos or reviews
  • Main features/benefits
  • Who you are/company info
  • Subscription/signup
  • Lead magnet CTA offer e.g. free ebook or download
  • Link to the resources section of your website (tip: if you need to create a WordPress resource library, try our Posts Table Pro plugin)

Bottom of homepage

  • Additional calls to action
  • Footer

Some of this is obvious. For example nearly all the WordPress websites we design feature a logo, navigation menu and login link (if applicable) in the header. They all have a main banner our eye-catching hero image with a clear tagline and call to action. They all have an introductory section and sections highlighting the main benefits or services. But it's easy to forget something without a proper formula.

The formula outlined in this infographic is good because it makes you think about all the possible content for a homepage. There might be important elements you'd otherwise forget such as social proof, which makes such a difference.

You need to prioritise and probably shouldn't include everything in the infographic. For example most sites won't benefit from having resources directly on the homepage.

However this is a really useful guide and we'll help you think about the needs of your business and what you want to achieve from the website. Armed with this knowledge, you can design a fantastic homepage that tells the world what you do and why they should use your products or services.

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    March 15, 2017 Reply

    It is true, a homepage is the page that provides a first impression to the visitors of your website, that is why its design should be carefully thought of. Thanks for sharing this clear information on designing a homepage.

  2. Merve
    December 23, 2016 Reply

    Katie, really good points. A landing page is very important for the website so it's important to make it well-designed. We have written 15 tips for web design that might also be useful when designing a website: It is for WordPress however I believe some tips are useful for any website.

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