Why you should always tell a WordPress web agency your budget

March 26, 2018


A WordPress web agency will often ask about your budget. A lot of people treat this question with suspicion, and understandably so.

It's natural to be concerned that if you reveal your budget, the web agency will artificially inflate the cost to match your budget. However, not revealing your budget is just as damaging for you.

As an agency, we can design WordPress websites to meet many different budgets. A small information-based WordPress website designed using an existing theme may cost under £1,000. A custom designed website with complex bespoke functionality can cost tens of thousands of pounds. Of course, we can also design WordPress websites for various budgets between these two extremes.

Do you want a Mini or a Ferrari?

What people struggle to understand is that there are many different ways to design a professional WordPress website. I think this problem is specific to the web design industry, as people have a better understanding of the issue in other contexts.

A popular analogy is to point out that if you walked into a car dealership, the salespeople would naturally ask how much you want to spend. If you don't provide this information then they won't know whether to show you a Mini or a Ferrari!

The same applies to the work provided by WordPress web agencies, yet questions about budget often raise eyebrows.

WordPress web agency pricing - a case study

To help you understand how important it is to tell the web agency your budget, I will give you an example of a WordPress membership website. This is a popular requirement and involves designing a website with a private members-only area.

There are many ways to design a professional WordPress membership website. If you reveal your budget then the WordPress web agency can tailor their services to provide a website you can afford.

  • Low budget - if your budget is too low to achieve a complete WordPress membership website then the WordPress web agency may suggest compromises that can be achieved for that price. Instead of having a fully functional membership system, we could reduce the cost by creating password-protected pages (with a shared login for all members) using the features already built into WordPress. We may suggest other compromises such as reducing the number of pages on your website or simplifying things in other ways.
  • Medium budget - we would propose building your website using an existing WordPress theme and an off-the-shelf membership plugin. Although there will be some compromises as you're restricted to the capabilities of the theme and membership plugin, these are very configurable and your WordPress web agency can probably achieve your requirements quite closely.
  • High budget - we would create a bespoke design for your WordPress membership website based on your exact requirements. Although we may use off-the-shelf membership plugins for some of the functionality (there's no point in reinventing the wheel and we want to provide value for money even for high budget clients), we would extend this with custom development to achieve your exact requirements with no compromises.

If you're open about your budget then a WordPress web agency such as ourselves can put you into the appropriate category and tailor their services to provide a website you can afford. If you don't tell us your budget then we're forced to guess your budget and may be way off the mark, for example quoting for the 'high budget' option when you have a low or medium budget or vice versa. (And yes, it does happen both ways round - I once quoted £1,500 for a WordPress website, only to be told that the budget was £10,000. We didn't get the job.)

Don't be cagey about budget with your WordPress web agency

As you can see, telling us your budget doesn't encourage us to artificially inflate the price. Instead, it allows us to recommend the best possible solution given your budget.

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