Wanted! WordPress designers to create professional websites using a theme

September 19, 2019

We're looking for good WordPress designers with experience of creating professional websites using an off-the-shelf theme.

At Barn2 Media, we provide a full range of WordPress design and development services - complete websites, custom themes and plugins, and more. Our biggest growth area involves designing professional-looking WordPress websites using an existing theme. We're looking for WordPress designers who can join our extended team of WordPress experts and do this sort of project.

A typical WordPress web design project

A typical WordPress web design project using an existing theme would involve the following tasks:

  1. Install the theme and use it to set up the website
  2. Add the content that we provide, taking time to present each page in a highly professional way using the shortcodes, layouts etc. built into the theme
  3. Possibly add some additional features such as a blog (using the layouts built into the theme) or MailChimp signup form
  4. Implement any changes that the project manager and the client request (we will only ask you to make changes that are within the original brief - you can quote for any new requirements separately)
  5. Launch the finished website to the client's hosting account or ours

You would be the main WordPress designer in the project team. You would work alongside the project manager, project assistant and SEO specialist. You probably wouldn't have any direct contact with the client.

WordPress designers - Skills needed

The main skills I am looking for are a good eye for design, attention to detail and the ability to design a WordPress website in a way that makes the best possible use of the theme.

Although this sort of WordPress project isn't particularly difficult, surprisingly few people have the skills to use a theme effectively in this way. They either move too far away from the theme demo so the design of the site starts to fall apart, or they are lazy and don't bother using the styles and features built into the theme. In fact we're often commissioned to redesign WordPress websites after other companies have failed to make good use of the the theme. Please look at the examples below, and think about whether the WordPress websites you design are more like the 'Before' or the 'After' pictures!

With Barn2 Media's projects, you will need to go the extra mile and carefully plan how to format the content in a way that makes the best possible use of the templates, shortcodes etc. built into the theme. Everything should be beautifully lined up, spaced etc. The end result should be a website that looks just as effective as the theme demo site.

You will NOT be required to do any technical work or theme customisations - the brief for this sort of project is to implement the website using features already built into the theme. This means that you need to be experienced in working with WordPress, but do not need a web development or coding background.

As well as the WordPress and design skills, you need to be a reliable and hardworking person who we will enjoy working with. We expect prompt communication, regular progress updates, reliable deadlines, etc.

To give you an idea of the standard that is required, here are some examples of previous websites we have set up using a theme. You can compare each site to the theme demo to see the attention to detail we require:

If you can set up theme-based websites that look as professional as these, I'd love to hear from you.

Our extended team of WordPress designers

Founded in 2009, we're a well-known UK WordPress agency.

We're a modern team with a difference. Our core team - Katie, Andy and Matt - are based in our office on Dartmoor in Devon. We also have an extended team of freelance WordPress experts who work remotely.

We love the extended team model because it allows us to scale up and down to suit each project. It allows us to focus on projects we love without having to worry about running a large office, huge wage bills, personnel issues, etc. We can work with WordPress designers, WordPress developers, project managers, SEO specialists etc. who are the best in their field, wherever they are in the world.

As a member of our extended team you can enjoy:

  • The likelihood of regular work (if you're good enough!)
  • Clear and well-written requirements, so you will always know exactly what's expected of you
  • The opportunity to work within our well-established process for designing a WordPress website
  • Regular communication with other members of the Barn2 Media team regarding each project
  • Positive and honest feedback to help you improve your skills as a WordPress designer
  • The flexibility to work with Barn2 Media as well as continuing with your other clients, projects and commitments
  • The work-life-balance and lifestyle benefits of working from home and choosing your hours (unlike most WordPress jobs!)

Who don't we work with?

We're looking for WordPress designers who we can build an individual relationship with and develop a good understanding of their skills and limitations. With this in mind, we don't tend to work with larger companies. We would consider building links with small WordPress agencies (probably in the UK), as well as individuals.

We NEVER work with overseas outsourcing companies.

If you're a WordPress designer and have what it takes, please get in touch!

If you're interested in joining our team of WordPress designers, please get in touch with the following information:

  • A few examples of WordPress websites you have set up using a theme, and a link to the theme demo site. This will allow me to see how well you use the theme to create a professional-looking site
  • A typical price for a 6-page WordPress website. Please assume that we will purchase the theme and provide the content, and you will need to add the content to each page in a way that makes the best possible use of the theme
  • Information about your background, experience, availability etc.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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