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Just what WooCommerce always needed!
WooCommerce Product Table is the only plugin that I found that could create the tables this way and with so much flexibility. (Displaying product tables with buy now buttons should've been built into WooCommerce a LONG time ago) I’m not a developer and had NO problem understanding your detailed knowledge base getting my tables configured how I wanted them. Anything I didn't understand or couldn't find, your support was very quick to direct me in the right direction. THAT IS AWESOME! The ONLY issue I had, in the beginning, was the cost, it seemed a little high for an ecommerce plugin. But after using the product, the extensive knowledge base, and the EXCELLENT customer support, its TOTALLY worth every penny! I’m sure I’ll be using it on another project VERY soon. Thank You, Steve Adams | 316 Design | 619.726.9923 We live the lifestyles that we promote.™
Just what I needed
WooCommerce Product Table is a great plugin. I had a request from a client for multiple WooCommerce product tables to be displayed on their site, and I was planning on building one to suit my needs. Unfortunately, due to a tight deadline, I knew I wouldn't have time to develop it. The setup is easy and the documentation is straightforward. The best part is that each time I realized I needed something custom depending on the table, this plugin already supported the customization.
A great value plugin
On the face of it not as cheap as other plugins but in the long term I benefited more from the savings in time. Really well coded and documented, it works, its flexible beyond my needs and the support is excellent. Highly recommended.
Woocommerce plugin of the year
I love the flexibility of this plugin. Very easy to setup & well documented. 2 uhm ... no 3 thumbs up!!
Very flexible plugin and outstanding support!
You can build almost any table imaginable and change almost any single aspect of it with shortcodes and CSS with this plugin. There's even more you can do with PHP filters if you so desire. The plugin is very well documented and if everything else fails - the support team is always willing to help. I've even received PHP snippets that allowed me to create columns with custom content easily. Pure awesomeness.
Really good plugin, well documented. Very responsive and helpful support.
Nice plugin, and Awesome support!
I couldn´t configure the shortcode as I wanted, after checking the documentation, I opened a ticket for checking what did I did wrong, and in less than 5 minutes, They solved my error by sending me the correct shortcode for repairing it. Thanks again!
The Product Table plugin is well worth the price
My mistake, I tried some cheaper WooCommerce product table plugins only to be disappointed with errors and poor support. I stepped up and bought the Barn2 Media WooCommerce Product Table plugin, and it worked straight away. The documentation was easy to find and understand in that I had my table with specific columns up and visible very quickly. Katie was very fast with an answer to my question.
Great Plugin! Great Support!
After trying multiple product table plugins, this one has been the best hands down. So good, that I have converted older sites to this plugin and upgraded my license for it. Totally worth it. Not only is the plugin great, it's well documented and the support has been second to none (Thanks for your prompt replies, Katie!). Such a pleasure to deal with an agency that knows what they are doing! Would highly recommend!!
A robust and dependable solution
Having tried a number of plugins for a Woo table layout solution, all of them with glitches or false sales, this product is worth the extra money and works without issues straight out of the box. I found the documentation a breeze to use and cant wait for future releases.
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