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How can I import products to the table?

WooCommerce Product Table simply lists your WooCommerce products in a table. You can add your products manually (Products → Add New) or by importing them into the appropriate tables on the MySQL database for your WordPress site.

How to import products to WooCommerce

You can bulk import products to WooCommerce using the built-in WooCommerce importer, or any import plugin such as Product CSV Import Suite.

Before the import, you will need to prepare an Excel spreadsheet, CSV file, XML file or similar with the data to be imported.

Please note that product imports can be very complex and you will need to use the documentation for your import plugin to get the format of the spreadsheet exactly right. You may need an experienced developer to help you with this.

We've partnered with Codeable to provide our customers with expert help if required.

Will my product table display imported products?

The plugin will display your products correctly whether you add them directly to the WordPress admin, or if you import them from CSV, Excel or similar. If your products are listed in the 'Products' section of the WordPress admin, then you can list them using WooCommerce Product Table.

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