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Can I search for information not displayed in the table?

If you're using our WooCommerce Product TablePosts Table Pro or Document Library Pro plugin, then you can add an AJAX-powered keyword search box above or below the table. The plugin settings page includes options to show, position or hide the search box.

If you are using the lazy load option in the plugin, then the search box will look at the entire name and content fields, instead of looking at the content of the table. This means that if you enable lazy load, then you can search for information and keywords that appear anywhere within the post content or product description, regardless of whether or not you have included it as a column in the table. The name and content fields will always be searchable, and do not have to appear within the table itself.

If you are NOT using lazy load, then the search box only looks at the contents of the table. It is not possible to search for data that isn't displayed in the actual table.

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