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Can I search the contents of PDF's or files in the document library?

The search box provided by the Document Library Pro plugin cannot search the contents of PDF's or downloadable files that you are linking to from the table. It will index the following information:

  • If you are not using lazy load - The search will read the entire contents of the table, but not files that are linked from the table.
  • If you are using lazy load - The search will index the title and the main content area for all the documents displayed in the table - but it can't read the content of the downloadable files.

​​Instead, we recommend using categories, tags or a custom taxonomy to label each item with the keywords that people are likely to be searching for. You can then add these as filter dropdowns above the table, providing an easy way for people to find items with these keywords even though they can't search within the PDF or document download itself.

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