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How does the visibility logic work in WooCommerce Product Options?

Behind the scenes, WooCommerce Product Options uses advanced logic to ensure that each product always displays the correct options. This article provides more information about how this works so that you can get the best possible results.

Each option group has its own visibility options, where you can choose which products or categories to show/hide the options on.

Products with multiple option groups

If multiple option groups are set to appear on the same product, then they will all appear in the order that they are listed in the WordPress admin. For example, this might be useful if you have added a global 'Dietary requirements' group for a restaurant ordering website, and an 'Extra toppings' group for the pizza category only. The products in the pizza category will display the 'Dietary requirements' options as well as the 'Extra toppings' options.


When you show or hide an option group for a product category, then the same rule will automatically apply to any sub-categories unless there is another rule where that sub-category is specifically selected.

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