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How to import and export quantity rules

WooCommerce Quantity Manager does not have an in-built facility for importing and exporting product options. Instead, you can use it with any WordPress import/export tool that supports custom post type data.

This article provides information about how product options are stored in the WordPress MySQL database so that you can import and export them as needed.

Quantity step values

WooCommerce Quantity Manager stores the following data about the quantity step values. This reflects the fact that you can add step values either globally, per category, per product, or per variation:

  • quantity_manager_global_step - the global step value, which is saved in the options database table.
  • quantity_manager_category_step - the category step value, which is saved as a term meta field.
  • _wqm_product_step - the step value for products, which is saved as post meta.
  • _wqm_variation_product_step - the step value for individual variations, which is saved as post meta.

Once you understand how quantity rules are stored in the WordPress database, there are plenty of import and export plugins to choose from. We recommend WP All Import (for importing all levels of quantity rule) or Product CSV Import Suite (for importing product and variation-level quantity rules).

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