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How to import and export discounts

The discount information in WooCommerce Discount Manager is stored in the WordPress database. This article explains where the data is stored so that you can use it to import and export discounts instead of creating them manually.

Database tables

All the data regarding discounts is saved into 2 custom database tables: wp_wdm_discounts and wp_wdm_discount_settings. You should replace the wp_ prefix with the database prefix chosen in your wp-config.php file, as this may be different for your site.

The wdm_discounts table contains the discount ID, name, slug, priority, enabled or not status, and dates when it was created and last updated.

The wdm_discount_settings table contains the values of all the settings for each discount. In this table, each setting is its own row.

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We recommend using the WP All Import plugin for important and exporting discounts. This comprehensive plugin lets you import and export any type of data to the WordPress database.

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