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How to display product add-ons on the WooCommerce shop page

WooCommerce Express Shop Page is designed to work seamlessly with our WooCommerce Product Options plugin, allowing you to add a wide range of product options to your store. Product add-on options offer greater flexibility than variations and are easier to add and manage.

How it works

With product add-ons created using the WooCommerce Product Options plugin, you can include checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields, clickable images, measurement price calculator fields, date pickers, and much more.

WooCommerce display product add-ons shop category pages

The product add-on options appear on the single product page, and also on the shop and category pages if you use WooCommerce Product Options with WooCommerce Express Shop Page. This provides a more streamlined and efficient shopping experience for your customers.

How to enable product add-ons on the shop page

When variations are enabled on the shop or category pages, product add-ons will appear alongside the variations, allowing customers to choose additional options directly on the shop page.

Display product options in a quick view lightbox on the shop page

If some of your products have lots of options then they might clutter up the shop page using the method described above. As an alternative, you can make the options appear on the shop page by installing our other plugin - WooCommerce Quick View Pro.

WooCommerce Quick View Pro adds quick view buttons to the shop page. Customers can click on these to view the extra product options in a lightbox, instead of having to visit the individual product page:

WooCommerce Quick View Pro product options

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