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How to export documents

You can export your Document Library Pro documents using the export tool that is built into WordPress. You might want to do this if you are moving documents from one website to another.

The WordPress export tool is not that reliable when it comes to exporting media files associated with documents. In fact, we have seen this issue with posts, pages and other custom post types. The "Download media files" box presented during the export doesn't usually work.

To export your documents correctly, we recommend the following process:

  1. Go to Tools → Export in the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Export all media files by selecting the Media option:
    Exporting documents
  3. In your new site, go to Tools → Import, run the importer and select the file that was downloaded during the export of the media files.
  4. Now repeat this process for the Documents. Go to Tools → Export, select the Documents radio button and download the export file. Then in your new site, go to Tools → Import and import this second file.

This process will migrate both the documents and their files, while keeping them correctly linked together on the new site.

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