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EDD EU VAT settings page

The Easy Digital Downloads EU VAT plugin starts working as soon as you install it and activate your license key. It adds everything that most EDD stores need straight out of the box.

You can use the options on the settings page (DownloadsSettings → Extensions → EU VAT) to control how your Easy Digital Downloads store handles EU VAT. You can also configure the main settings in the plugin setup wizard, which opens when you first activate the plugin and can be relaunched from the settings page. 

License Key

Enter your license key here. This is essential for the plugin to work.

Order Details Page

Enable this option to convert the Easy Digital Downloads order confirmation page and payment details screens into full EU tax invoices (more details).

Warning: Works with all off-the-shelf themes, but may not work if you have customized this template.

Reverse Charge VAT in Home Country?

By default, if your store is based in the EU then customers in your home country will always be charged VAT, even if they have a valid EU number. This is because EU VAT law doesn't apply to sales to your own country, and many European countries require you to charge tax to both consumers and businesses.

If you live in an EU country that does NOT require you to charge VAT on sales to businesses in your own country, then you should enable this option. This will reverse charge the VAT on domestic sales to customers with a valid VAT number.

Show website address?

Enable this if you'd like to include the address of your website on invoices.

Company Information

Complete all the fields in this section, and they will be displayed on the order details page if you have enabled the 'Order details page' option above. They will also be added to the purchase receipt email if you add the relevant merge tags.


There are two country fields:

  • Country - This defaults to the 'Base Country' selected in the general Easy Digital Downloads settings. You should change this if your store is NOT based in your base country. For example, Barn2 Plugins are based in the UK, but our base country is 'United States'. This allows us to load the EDD checkout without tax, and the tax is only added when the customer selects an EU country.
  • Country of VAT registration - Use this field to select the country which issued your EU VAT number:
    • If you are registered for VAT in the country where you are actually based - Select your actual country.
    • If you are registered for VAT in a different country (e.g. under the MOSS system) - Select 'EU MOSS Number'.

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