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Document Library plugins - Free & Pro comparison

Our free Document Library Lite plugin is perfect for creating a simple document library. The premium version, Document Library Pro, adds much more functionality including bulk import, extra layout options, document previews, multiple button styles, support for third party links, multi-download checkboxes, a separate page for each document, and much more.

Here's a comparison table where you can see what's included with each plugin:

Features Free Plugin Document Library Pro
Adding documents Manual Manual, CSV import, drag and drop file upload, or import from Media Library
Layout Table only Table or grid layout, which you can optionally structure into folders
Document fields Title, content, document download link, categories
Plus excerpt,
link to custom URL, tags, file size, file type
Columns Title, content, ID, image, date, categories, download link Plus any custom field, custom taxonomy, excerpt, status, modified date, author, file size, and file type
Single document page - Yes
Rename headings - Yes
Display specific documents By category, tag, author, or status Also display documents by post type, taxonomy term, custom field value, year, month, day, or ID. Exclude by ID or category
Document location Add any file type to the Media Library Embed documents directly into the page, or link to documents hosted on third party sites such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Office 365
Document links Link to downloadable document Plus open in new/same tab, choose clickable columns, and more
Link style Download button only Button, download icon, file type icon, text, or button with icon
Download multiple documents at once - Yes
Document preview - Yes
Sort options Sort by any column in ascending or descending order Also sort by ID, title, menu order, date, name, modified date, author, comment count or random
Instant keyword search Yes Yes
Filter dropdowns - Add filters for categories, tags, or custom taxonomy
Search on click Supported for categories and tags Also supported for author and custom taxonomy columns
Move or hide table controls - Yes
Change number of rows per page Yes Yes
Pagination styles 1 4
Enable/disable text wrapping Yes Yes
Content length - Also control length of content and excerpt column
Mobile-responsive Yes Yes, with options to control how the table behaves on different devices
Choose column widths - Yes
Choose image size - Yes
Image lightbox Yes Yes
Embed audio, video & other shortcodes - Yes
Display HTML formatting, buttons & links to downloads or external sites - Yes
Set a maximum number of documents - Yes
Lazy load option for improved performance - Yes
Caching option for improved performance - Yes
Date format & date sorting - Yes
Custom 'No Documents' message - Yes
Tested with 3rd party plugins - Yes - View our plugin compatibility page

We've also provided a complete list of Document Library Pro options and how to use them.

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