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List resources in their online courses.

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CE Dojo

CE Dojo is an online learning website that provides compulsory compliance-based continuing education for doctors. They’ve used our Document Library Pro plugin to list resources in their online courses.

How our plugin solved their problem

CE Dojo were looking for a way to list resources for each online course on their website. They used the LearnDash plugin to create the online courses, and needed a way to share a list of resources for each course with their learners.

Check out our tutorial on how to list LearnDash courses and lessons for full instructions and ideas.

They’ve used the Folder layout option in Document Library Pro to display 1 folder of resources for each online course. In terms of the user interface, a yellow folder appears closed on the online course page when a student accesses the page. They can then click on it to view the resources inside.

This implementation saves space while making everything easily accessible for the student. Students can view the course description, video lesson, assessments, and resources on a single page. The information is deliberately presented in a compact way to improve the user experience and ensure learners can manage what’s available.

The Course Reference Library contains a single folder for each online course which contains a list of resources relevant to the course. The document library contains four columns including Title, Summary, Categories, and Link. Learners can click on the titles of the resources in the document library to view them or click the Download button to download the resource.

Users can also sort the resources in the document library alphabetically (in ascending or descending order) by clicking on the columns. Additionally, they can click the Reset link to reset the sortable columns.

CE Dojo

I decided to give your plugin a try based upon an endorsement that I found online for LearnDash. The existing document library plugin that I had was not that great and I needed something that was easier to use and had more functionality. As of this point I'm happy with the functionality of the library. It also just helps me to have better organization of all of the media that I have on my site.


See Document Library Pro in action on the CE Dojo website.

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