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Create a WooCommerce Private Store, with customizable privacy settings.
WooCommerce hidden store


  • Perfect for wholesale stores, members-only clubs, and more.
  • Restricts all WooCommerce content: shop, products, categories, cart, etc (plus other pages if needed)
  • Guests can see main site pages while WooCommerce is hidden

WooCommerce Private Store user roles


  • Secret login page provides exclusive user access
  • Customers login or enter a password to unlock the entire store
  • Use with or without separate user accounts

WooCommerce wholesale store


  • Zero visibility on search engines
  • Store hidden from all public-facing site pages
  • Sell trade or members-only products with confidence

What Our Customers Say

Over one hundred 5 star reviews!
"This plugin works perfectly to hide the store from logged out users. I am using the plugin's user login option instead of password protection, and without problems. Thank you!"
Iñaki, TechniTest - Spain
"Barn2 not only make fantastic plugins that work easily and the customer service is second to none. The only thing better than dependable products is dependable customer service – they have that, too."
Robert Pfeifer, Effusion - USA
Rated 5 out of 5 stars


The plugin hides the main WooCommerce shop page, cart, checkout, products, and more.


Protect your shop via a customizable password page. Enter a password to unlock, no need for separate accounts. Supports multiple passwords.


As well as password protecting WooCommerce, you can unlock the store for logged in users or specific roles.


Let approved customers access your store, and protect your products. Guests without access can see your main pages while WooCommerce is hidden.


WooCommerce Private Store password protects all shop, pages plus navigation menu links and sidebar widgets.


Your WooCommerce hidden store is automatically hidden from search engines and sitemaps for complete peace of mind.


Set up in just minutes. Customers simply log into their user account or enter a password to unlock an entire store.

"After lots of research into plugins, this one towered above the rest. Great pre purchase information, great documentation, easy to install, AMAZING support. I recommend this plugin to anyone looking to create a password protected store without headache."
Jeanie Briscoe
JHL Creative - USA


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  • The WooCommerce Private Store plugin password protects all the pages within your WooCommerce online store. The rest of your WordPress site remains public - e.g. your homepage and other pages. However the WooCommerce elements - your main Shop page, products, categories, product tag archives and the cart and checkout are password protected and hidden from search engines.

  • Only if you want them to! If you like, you can link to your private store from the menu or anywhere else on your public website (e.g. a 'Wholesale Login' link in the header). When people click it, they will be taken to the WooCommerce login page where they can enter a password.

    Or alternatively, you can keep your WooCommerce store completely hidden with no public links to it. The only way people will know it exists is if you give them the link.

  • You can make WooCommerce private by activating the plugin and setting 1 or more passwords. All WooCommerce pages will be protected. Customers must enter a correct password to unlock the private WooCommerce store. Customers only need to enter the password once to access the entire store.

    WooCommerce Private Store also has a 'Logged In Users' role, which you can use in addition to, or instead of, the password protection. You can choose whether to automatically unlock the store for all logged in users, or specific user roles.

  • Absolutely! WooCommerce Private Store automatically hides all the pages that WooCommerce itself creates. This includes your shop, product pages, product categories, cart, and so on.

    In addition, you can optionally hide any other pages on your WordPress site. For example, you might be using other plugins which add pages such as 'Wishlist' or 'Request a Quote' to your store. Simply tick the 'Add to Private Store' box for each additional page that you want to hide from public view.

  • No - WooCommerce Private Store protects your entire store. Once customers unlock it by entering a correct password, they will have access to your whole WooCommerce shop.

    To create user-specific private areas with different products for each user, you can use our other plugin WooCommerce Protected Categories. This lets you create a separate protected category for each user.

  • Yes, the WooCommerce Private Store plugin hides all parts of your online shop from search engines and the WordPress search on your site. This includes your shop page, product pages, category pages, tag archives etc.

  • The WooCommerce Private Store plugin hides your entire shop (but not your normal WordPress pages and posts). To create separate public and private areas in WooCommerce, you'll need our WooCommerce Protected Categories plugin instead.

  • WooCommerce Private Store hides your entire store from public view so that everyone with access to the store can see all the products. If you're building a wholesale store and want to show different products and pricing to different groups of users, then we recommend our other plugin - WooCommerce Wholesale Pro.

    WooCommerce Wholesale Pro has a huge range of wholesale features, and you can use it on its own or with WooCommerce Private Store. Check out our knowledge base article about how to use the two plugins together.

  • We have tested WooCommerce Private Store with a range of free and premium themes and are confident it will work with your theme. If you have any problems (e.g. a cart icon showing in the header), get in touch and we will be happy to add further support for your theme.

  • You can use our WooCommerce Private Store  plugin with most multilingual plugins including WeGlot, TranslatePress and WPML. They make it easy to translate your login page and private store content into any language.

  • Clicking the Buy button above will take you to the purchase options. You can choose either a Lifetime or Annual software license.

    • Lifetime licenses never expire. It's a one-time payment which includes all future plugin updates, new features and support, forever.
    • Annual licenses are renewed once a year. As long as you have an active license, you will receive support, plugin updates and new features. If your license ever expires then you can continue using the plugin, but won't receive any further updates or support.

    You can also choose between Starter, Business and Agency options, depending on the number of sites and type of support you need. The pricing table above shows the difference between each license option.

  • WooCommerce Private Store is fully tested with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce. We always recommend running the most up-to-date version, but we also support older installations:

    WooCommerce - 3.7 and up (tested to 6.1.0)

    WordPress - 5.0 and up (tested to 5.8.3)

    PHP - 7.2 and up (tested to 8.0.13)

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Version: 1.7.1
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