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Replace multiple cart and checkout steps with a single on-page order form

Buy and Check Out in One Easy Step

  • Reduce friction and abandoned carts
  • Let customers quickly order products on one page
  • Increase conversions by streamlining the WooCommerce checkout flow

Easy to view, edit & complete order with WooCommerce Fast Cart

Instant Cart and Checkout, Anywhere

  • Instant access to the cart or checkout from any page
  • Replace the WooCommerce cart page, checkout page, or both
  • Integrates with your theme to match your design

WooCommerce Fast Cart - Quick plug & play setup

Fully Customizable

  • Choose your button colors, design and layout
  • Upsell related products to increase revenue
  • Designed for beginners and developers

What Our Customers Say

The best WooCommerce popup cart plugin
"WooCommerce Fast Cart is packed with every feature you need. But what I like most is the team behind it. I raised 2 WCAG issues, and they resolved both and baked in a few extra goodies."
Joe Campbell - United States
Joe Campbell - WooCommerce Fast Cart Customer Review
"Great plugin. The install and configuration is very easy and has a good concise set of options. Barn2 are very helpful and clearly work hard to maintain a high standard of work and client support."
Darrell Martin - UK
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Packed with Features

Grow your sales by adding a flexible mini cart to WooCommerce. Customers can quickly make changes, add products and checkout - directly in the popup cart

Popup or Floating Cart

Enable auto-open or use the floating cart icon to launch the cart from anywhere. No need to visit a separate cart page.

Instant On-Page Checkout

Complete your order without leaving the page. The Google address auto-complete saves customers even more time!

100% Flexible

You’re in control - choose a side or popup cart, colors, position, and whether to replace the cart and checkout pages.

Promote Upsells

Increase average order value by cross-selling related products in the popup WooCommerce cart.

Works With Your Theme

The popup cart looks great in any theme. It's fully responsive and complies with modern accessibility standards.

Use Any Payment Gateway

The plugin supports all popular payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, Amazon, Braintree and more.

"Barn2 not only make fantastic plugins that work easily and the customer service is second to none. The only thing better than dependable products is dependable customer service – they have that, too."
Robert Pfeifer
Effusion - USA


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  • Customers can open the mini cart from any page by clicking the floating cart icon. This can appear in the top-right, bottom-right, or center-right of the page. You can customize the color of the icon and background. The floating icon only appears when there are products in the cart.

    To bring customers to the mini cart even faster, you can choose to show the fast cart automatically whenever a product is added. This encourages customers to complete their order straight away.

  • Yes! The direct checkout option lets you skip the cart and display the fast checkout straight away.

    This is an excellent idea if you need a quick way for customers to buy one product at a time. This is how it works when you enable direct checkout:

    1. The customer adds a product to their cart.
    2. The popup checkout opens immediately, either on the right hand side of the page or as a centered popup (depending on your settings).
    3. The customer enters their details and pays directly in the fast checkout.
  • Yes. There are two ways to use the plugin:

    • Use the Fast Cart as an extra option for customers. Customers click the cart icon to access the Fast Cart and can checkout from there, or they can use the regular WooCommerce checkout page.
    • Replace the entire WooCommerce checkout and only use the Fast Cart. You can choose to replace the Cart, the Checkout or both. This means that whenever a customer clicks on a link to the cart/checkout, it will open the popup cart instead.
  • The Fast Cart plugin uses the payment gateways you have already configured in your WooCommerce store. If you use plugins to add additional payment options, these should also work in the Fast Cart.

    Please see the Knowledge Base article about the specific payment gateways we have tested with.

  • The popup WooCommerce checkout will work with any shipping options you setup for your store. This includes the default shipping methods, plus additional methods added via a plugin.

    If they work on the main WooCommerce checkout, then they will work in the Fast  Cart.

  • The popup checkout will display exactly the same fields as your main checkout page. You can edit the checkout fields using the exact same methods as for the regular WooCommerce checkout page. For example, the Checkout Field Editor plugin.

  • Related products are one of the most important features of the Fast Cart. They can make a big difference to your average order value, bringing in more revenue from each customer.

    The "You may also be interested in" section of the popup cart displays cross-sells for the product(s) currently in the cart. You can set these in the 'Upsells/Cross-Sells' section of the 'Add/Edit Product' screen for each product.

    By displaying related products depending on the cart contents, you can encourage customers to spend more. They can then add one or more related products to the cart directly from the popup cart, before completing their order quickly and easily.

  • No! WooCommerce Fast Cart has been built with performance in mind. We know how important it is that plugins enhance your store instead of weighing it down.

    The mini cart loads after the rest of the page has loaded, so it doesn't affect your page load times. It is fully compatible with performance plugins like WP Rocket and Autoptimize.

  • We have tested WooCommerce Fast Cart with a range of free and premium themes and are confident it will look great with your theme. Our plugin support includes helping with theme-related conflicts.

    The mini cart plugin uses your existing fonts and we have styled it to look good with most themes. There are plugin options to change the color of the floating cart icon.

    WooCommerce Fast Cart is fully compatible with all Barn2 plugins, and most plugins from other companies. We have published a list of plugins we have tested with, although it will work with most other plugins too.

  • Clicking the Buy button above will take you to the purchase options. You can choose either a Lifetime or Annual software license.

    • Lifetime licenses never expire. It's a one-time payment which includes all future plugin updates, new features and support, forever.
    • Annual licenses are renewed once a year. As long as you have an active license, you will receive support, plugin updates and new features. If your license ever expires then you can continue using the plugin, but won't receive any further updates or support.

    You can also choose between Starter, Business and Agency options, depending on the number of sites and type of support you need. The pricing table above shows the difference between each license option.

  • WooCommerce Fast Cart is designed to work with any WordPress translation plugin such as WPMLWeGlot and TranslatePress. This makes it easy for you to translate the lead time text into any language and use it on multilingual websites.

  • WooCommerce Fast Cart is fully tested with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce. We always recommend running the most up-to-date version, but we also support older installations:

    WooCommerce - 3.7 and up (tested to 6.1.0)

    WordPress - 5.0 and up (tested to 5.8.3)

    PHP - 7.2 and up (tested to 8.0.13)

Current version
Version: 1.1.0
Last Updated: 14 January 2022
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