WooCommerce Product Table


Release date 3 January 2022

  • Fix: Remove unused security token to prevent problems with caching plugins.
  • Fix: The links option now correctly supports the id column and using false to disable all links.
  • Fix: Improved sorting for grouped and variable products.
  • Updated Italian translations.
  • Added hooks for internal sort data used to sort products (standard loading).
  • Updated widgets to reflect the latest changes in WooCommerce, and renamed to PSR-4 standard.
  • Removed FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING as deprecated in PHP 8.1.
  • Removed woocommerce-compat.php as no longer needed.
  • Tested up to WordPress 5.8.2, WooCommerce 6.0 and WooCommerce Product Addons 4.4.


Release date 18 October 2021

  • Fix: Fixed an issue with filter dropdowns caused by the WooCommerce 5.8 update.
  • Added Dutch and Dutch Formal translations.
  • Updated French, German and Spanish translations, including extra locales for Spanish.
  • Dev: Updated script and CSS distribution to webpack.
  • Dev: Replace wp_localize_script with wp_add_inline_script.


Release date 16 September 2021

  • Fix: Theme compatibility issues in Woodmart, Avada, Flatsome, Enfold and Juipter themes.
  • Improved RTL language support.
  • Styling improvements in WooCommerce Product Addons.
  • Tested up to WordPress 5.8.1 and WooCommerce 5.7.0.


Release date 6 August 2021

  • Improve integration with WooCommerce Product Addons.
  • Always show \'All\' option in page length dropdown menu.
  • Improve behavior of automatic checkbox selection when changing item quantity.
  • Improve reset of product after adding a single product to the cart.
  • Fix: Bug when sorting the table by custom field when the same field is also selected via the \'cf\' option.
  • Fix: Bug with WooCommerce Product Addons which prevented addons being added to the cart via the checkbox column.
  • Fix: Bug with \'user_products\' option when using lazy load or with a product limit of -1.


Release date 30 June 2021

  • Use a custom class for the variations form to prevent clashes with WooCommerce.
  • Styling improvements for WooCommerce Product Addons.
  • Tested up to WooCommerce 5.5 and WordPress 5.8.
  • Fix: Prevent accidental update of main product image when selecting a variation from the table when table is used on the single product page.
  • Fix: Increase the order limit for the \'user_products\' option.
  • Fix: An issue with filter dropdowns when logged in and admin bar displayed causing usability issue with dropdown items.
  • Fix: An issue with filter dropdowns where the width was set incorrectly in some browsers (e.g. Safari) causing the placeholder to be truncated.
  • Fix: Added checks to prevent \'class already declared\' errors on some server configurations.
  • Fix: Fixes for Salient and Porto themes.


Release date 20 April 2021

  • Fix: An issue with the positioning of the search filter dropdown items introduced after the WooCommerce 5.2 update.
  • Fix: A bug with the user_products option which showed all ordered products if user has none.
  • Fix: A bug with missing products in the user_products option when product_limit is set to -1.


Release date 1 April 2021

  • Added compatibility with new WooCommerce Quantity Manager plugin.
  • Dev: Renamed FitVids hook to wc_product_table_enable_fitvids.


Release date 24 March 2021

  • Added new options for displaying product tables in WooCommerce templates. There are now separate options for product categories, tags, attributes, custom taxonomies and search results.
  • Improved the Photoswipe event handler.


Release date 3 March 2021

  • Fix: Fixed a bug which caused the quantity for the previous product added to cart to be used as the default for all products in the table. This only affected tables with the \"AJAX cart\" option disabled.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with the dropdown filters when the filter heading was wider than the dropdown items.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug which caused accidental display of responsive child rows when the product image was used as the first column.
  • Fix: Ensure quantities, checkboxes and variations are reset when adding products to the cart from responsive child rows.
  • Fix: Improved loading of icon font to prevent render blocking.
  • Added support for new navigation menus in WooCommerce Admin feature plugin.
  • Updated DataTables to 1.10.23.
  • Tested up to WordPress 5.7 and WooCommerce 5.1.
  • Minor code improvements.


Release date 23 December 2020

  • Fix: Fixed a bug searching by SKU when using lazy load.
  • Fix: Fixed positioning of search filter dropdown items when the browser has a vertical offset.
  • Fix: Styling improvements in Enfold and Jupiter themes.
  • Dev: Added hook \'wc_product_table_enable_select2\' to allow developers to enable/disable select2 library.


Release date 30 November 2020

  • Improve compatibility in various themes including XStore and Uncode.
  • No longer automatically select variations in the Add to Cart column when selecting from a dropdown filter or sidebar widget.
  • Renamed the \'add-to-cart\' column to \'buy\' (previous column still supported).
  • Renamed the \'show_quantity\' option to \'quantities\' (previous option still supported).
  • Improved display of cart column in responsive rows.
  • Improved display for RTL languages.
  • Updated the Spanish, French and German translations.
  • Fix: Prevent wide dropdown filters extending beyond the page width.
  • Fix: Bug which caused non-Latin characters to be removed from columns and filter headings.
  • Fix: Bug with product totals message when using lazy load.
  • Fix: The page length wasn\'t reset correctly when resetting the table.
  • Fix: Prevent conflict with responsive column display where the column name contained a reserved keyword (e.g. \"mobile\").
  • Fix: Bug when saving columns option in the plugin settings.
  • Dev: Prevent themes from de-registering required scripts.
  • Dev: The column class filter wc_product_table_columnclass[column] now applies to all rows in table, not just headings.
  • Dev: Custom columns should now implement Table_Data_Interface.


Release date 5 November 2020

  • Various CSS improvements including improved RTL support and theme compatibility.
  • Reintroduced the \'Ajax add to cart\' option on settings page.
  • Fix: Bug introduced in 2.7 which broke the search filter for custom taxonomies.
  • Fix: When adding multiple products to the cart, the quantities were reset incorrectly when using a min/max quantities plugin.
  • Dev: Updated DataTables to 1.10.22.


Release date 22 October 2020

  • The dropdown filters now display only relevant items, and update automatically after making a selection depending on results (excludes lazy load).
  • Added the ability to set custom headings for dropdown filters.
  • Other filter improvements: added a search box to filters, use the selectWoo library, removed the \'Filter:\' label.
  • Changed the wording of the product totals count below the table.
  • Changed the default position of the page length selector to below the table.
  • Automatically tick the Add to Cart checkbox when a variation is selected.
  • Always show the product button for non-purchasable products when Add to Cart checkboxes are enabled.
  • Improvements to the product modal when using the responsive_display=\"modal\" option.
  • Replaced FontAwesome with custom font based on IcoMoon Free icon pack (GPL license).
  • Various minor improvements to settings page.
  • Improve the Product Addons integration and remove support for older versions.
  • When using Quick View Pro to open product links, clicking image will now open the quick view rather than image lightbox.
  • Tested up to WooCommerce 4.6.1 and WordPress 5.5.1.
  • Fix: Improve error handling when adding to the cart, and prevent multiple errors being shown for the same product.
  • Fix: Adding to the cart from the responsive modal now redirects back to the product table rather than the single product page.
  • Fix: Improved handling of attribute data used for dropdown filters to prevent table loading errors.
  • Fix: Bug when using Quick View Pro plugin to open products from the table when variations are disabled.
  • Fix: Bug with Product Addons plugin which prevented products with addons being ordered via the cart checkbox.
  • Dev: Added hook wc_product_table_available_variations.
  • Dev: Renamed various classes and moved to plugin namespace. The following classes are now deprecated: WC_Product_Table_Plugin, WC_Product_Table, WC_Product_Table_Columns, WC_Product_Table_Query, WC_Product_Table_Config_Builder, WC_Product_Table_Args, Abstract_Product_Table_Data.


Release date 7 July 2020

  • Tested up to WooCommerce 4.3 and WordPress 5.4.2.


Release date 1 May 2020

  • Test: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.1 and WordPress 5.4.1.
  • Tweak: Minor improvements to settings page.
  • Dev: Added Composer support.


Release date 2 April 2020

  • Fix: License system - change license checking to prevent accidental deactivation.
  • Fix: Incorrect class names referred to in deprecated cart handler functions.
  • Dev: Further code refactoring for new plugin architecture.


Release date 26 March 2020

  • Fix: License system - change logic for license URL storage and checking to prevent conflict with 3rd party plugins (e.g. multi-lingual plugins).


Release date 20 March 2020

  • New: Only load product table scripts and styles on pages where they are required.
  • Fix: When sorting by custom field using lazy load, ensure products without the custom field are always included in the table results.
  • Fix: Prevent variation dropdowns sharing the same HTML ID when several products share the same attribute.
  • Tweak: Deprecate backwards compatibility for WooCommerce 3.3 and below.
  • Dev: Add new Barn2 license system.
  • Dev: Minor updates and code improvements to settings page.
  • Dev: Code refactoring and deprecate WC_Product_Table_Factory, WC_Product_Table_Cart_Handler and WC_Product_Table_Ajax_Handler.


Release date 13 March 2020

  • New: Add options to display product table automatically in main shop and product categories.
  • New: Tested up to WooCommerce 4.0 and WordPress 5.4.
  • Tweak: Add order limit to \'user_products\' shortcode option, and add filter for order query args.
  • Dev: Update DataTables library to latest version (1.10.20).


Release date 17 January 2020

  • Fix: Typo on hook name for SKU search in product table query.
  • Fix: Error with add to cart notices when adding multiple products to cart.
  • Tweak: Remove loading of quick view scripts as this is now handled by WooCommerce Quick View Pro.
  • Tweak: Remove reference to deprecated Apple Pay class in WooCommerce Stripe extension.
  • Tweak: Untick checkbox in \'add to cart\' column when quantity is reduced to 0.
  • Tweak: Update \'add to cart\' column template for variable products.


Release date 25 October 2019

  • New: Added new \'user_products\' option to display products previously purchased by current user.
  • New: Fully tested up to WordPress 5.3 and WooCommerce 3.8.
  • Fix: Checkboxes in Add to Cart column now automatically selected when increasing quantity from 0 to 1.
  • Fix: Disable lightbox if explicitly linking from image column.
  • Fix: Ensure selection of search filters stays in sync when using them above and below table.
  • Dev: Remove support for WooCommerce < 3.0 and WordPress < 4.7.
  • Dev: Added \'wc_product_table_enable_lazy_load_sku_search\' hook to enable/disable SKU search when using lazy load.
  • Dev: Remove escaping for HTML availability in stock column.


Release date 15 July 2019

  • Fix: Sort order was not applied correctly when sorting by SKU with lazy load enabled.
  • Tested up to WP 5.2.2 and WC 3.6.5.


Release date 16 April 2019

  • New: Support for sorting by custom field with lazy load.
  • New: Support for WooCommerce 3.6.
  • Fix: Fix issue when sorting by date custom field when using the product limit option.
  • Fix: WooCommerce Product Addons - fix issue when using the Short Text addon when bulk adding products to cart.
  • Fix: Fix bug with rating widget when filtering by 2 or more ratings.
  • Fix: Remove default mediaelement stylesheet when using X theme.


Release date 27 February 2019

  • New: Support for WooCommerce Quick View Pro plugin.
  • Fix: Ensure variations for a variable product are valid when filtering them for the filter widgets.
  • Fix: Ensure price sorting works correctly when prices are entered without decimals.
  • Fix: Ensure sorting for date custom field works correctly when 1 or more posts is missing custom field data.
  • Fix: Ensure global $product is reset after adding products to table.
  • Change default links option to \'all\' (will not affect existing product tables).
  • Styling tweaks and theme improvements.
  • Tested up to WP 5.1 and WC 3.5.5.


Release date 19 December 2018

  • Tested up to WP 5.0.1 and WC 3.5.2, including testing with new block editor (Gutenberg).
  • Fix: Prevent accidental update of images added via custom field when selecting variations.
  • Fix: Prevent images bleeding beyond width of table on mobile.
  • Fix: Ensure correct product limits and totals in search results when using archive-product.php.
  • Fix: Ensure responsive + / - icon is visible when first column is empty.
  • Fix: Formatting and sorting of date custom fields in EU/AU date format (dd/mm/yyyy or dd/mm/yy).
  • Fix: Ensure sorting for date custom field works correctly when 1 or more products is missing custom field data.
  • Fix: Ensure custom taxonomies used as dates are correctly formatted when using the date_format option.
  • Dev: New filters \'wc_product_table_custom_field_is_eu_au_date\' and \'wc_product_table_taxonomy_is_eu_au_date\'.


Release date 16 November 2018

  • New: Support for WooCommerce Product Addons v3.
  • New: Sorting by SKU now always defaults to alphabetical sorting - use the \'wc_product_table_use_numeric_skus\' filter to use numerical sorting.
  • Fix: \'button\' column was broken after 2.2.5 update.
  • Tweak: Improved table reset when using product addons.
  • Tweak: Load scripts for \'add-to-cart\' and \'image\' columns only when column is present in table.
  • Tweak: Better support for custom columns and overriding data for default columns.


Release date 22 October 2018

  • Fix: Fatal error in PHP 5.5 and below.


Release date 21 October 2018

  • Added Chinese translations (simplified and traditional).
  • Tested with WooCommerce 3.5.
  • Fix: Bug in product query when selecting from multiple categories, tags, or terms in shortcode and applying filter dropdowns.
  • Fix: Bug with lazy load which prevented cache being loaded when sorting by date.
  • Fix: Incompatibility with servers running PHP 5.5 and below.
  • Fix: Prevent invalid columns being entered on settings page.
  • Fix: No data being added for certain attribute columns when using separate variations.
  • Fix: Attribute dropdown filters didn\'t include all values when using separate variations.
  • Fix: WooCommerce Product Addons - fix bug with display of product-specific addons.
  • Fix: WooCommerce Product Addons - intermittent add to cart bug when adding multiple products.
  • Tweak: Improve validation of plugin settings and shortcode options.
  • Tweak: Minor styling improvements for add to cart column.
  • Tweak: Improve styling for product add-ons.
  • Tweak: Minor changes to settings page.


Release date 13 September 2018

  • Fix: Improve reliability of search by SKU for lazy load.
  • Fix: Search by SKU was overriding custom field query when using \"cf\" shortcode option.
  • Fix: Bug with caching of product totals when using lazy load.
  • Fix: Bug with product totals and pagination when searching with lazy load.
  • Fix: Bug with table reset when using filter widgets with lazy load.
  • Fix: Ensure initial search term is restored when resetting table.
  • Fix: Improve generation of table IDs to avoid clashes.
  • Fix: Improve validation of columns and search term shortcode options.
  • Fix: Improve theme compatibility.
  • Fix: Kallyas theme - fix javascript error when adding multiple products to cart.
  • Tweak: Image column no longer links to single product page by default.
  • Dev: Improve table caching code.
  • Dev: New filter to adjust minimum search term length.


Release date 3 September 2018

  • Fix: Compatibility issue with WooCommerce Ajax Filters plugin by BeRocket.


Release date 31 August 2018

  • Fix: Javascript error after plugin update when caching enabled and table has dropdown filters.


Release date 31 August 2018

  • New: Allow sorting and searching by SKU when using lazy load.
  • Fix: When adding multiple products and \'redirect to cart\' option is enabled in WooCommerce, it will now correctly redirect to the cart.
  • Fix: ID column now correctly supported in \'links\' option.
  • Fix: Bug when adding variable products which have attribute slugs that contain non-Roman characters (e.g. Hebrew, Russian, etc).
  • Fix: Bug with filter dropdowns when slugs contained entirely numeric values.
  • Fix: Fix date parsing for custom fields, to ensure date columns are sorted correctly.
  • Fix: Reintroduce code which restricted dropdown filters when \'category\' or \'term\' option is set.
  • Tweak: Improve sanitizing for color settings in admin and add placeholder text.
  • Tweak: Remove extra database call to get product total when using lazy load.
  • Tweak: CSS improvements for RTL languages.
  • Tweak: Improve column headings for text attributes.
  • Tweak: Date columns no longer have to present in the table.
  • Tweak: Add wc_product_table_search_filter_class filter, to allow class to be added to filter dropdowns.
  • Dev: Restructure data retrieval code - add new Product_Table_Data interface and data classes, one for each column.
  • Dev: Improvements to WC_Product_Table class - get_table and get_data methods now allow 4 possible return types.
  • Dev: Removed inline Javascript for table config and instead use data-config and data-filters attributes on table element.
  • Dev: Improvements to filter dropdowns.


Release date 8 August 2018

  • New: Updated archive-product.php template to include woocommerce_before_shop_loop and woocommerce_after_shop_loop hooks. Get the latest version from the /templates directory in the plugin.
  • Fix: No longer restrict categories in dropdown filter when using the category shortcode option (or archive-template.php) as this prevents valid categories being displayed.
  • Fix: Bug with filter dropdowns where items were incorrectly removed if the item name contained a special character.
  • Fix: Bug with filter dropdowns where child items were not being removed correctly when they\'re not applicable to the table.
  • Fix: Improve compatibility with sites running older PHP versions.
  • Fix: Improve compatibility with Jupiter theme.
  • Dev: Added backwards compatibility for woocommerce_product_loop function.
  • Dev: Additional filters for custom field data, and disabling whether a column is searchable or sortable.


Release date 9 July 2018

  • New: Added full Swedish translation.
  • New: Updated Brazilian (Portuguese) translation.
  • Fix: Table sizing error caused content to extend beyond width of container.
  • Fix: Accidental redirect to category/tag/attribute page when using search on click feature.
  • Fix: JS error when using search on click and \'add to cart\' column not present.
  • Fix: Remove quotes from search term when using lazy load to match main WP search.
  • Fix: Improve compatibility with WC Password Protected Categories.
  • Fix: Bug with FontAwesome icons.
  • Tweak: Updated PHPDoc comments.
  • Tweak: Updated FontAwesome to v5.1.


Release date 1 June 2018

  • Fix: Variation description and price was being shown twice in WooCommerce 3.4.
  • Fix: Prevent table hooks being registered multiple times when there are several tables on one page.
  • Tweak: Improve display of cart message when adding multiple products.
  • Tweak: Improve script loading.
  • Tweak: Remove before and after_add_to_cart_button hooks for variable product template as now included in WooCommerce.
  • Dev: Make $args property public in WC_Product_Table_Query and other classes.
  • Dev: Made $data_table and $hooks properties public in WC_Product_Table.
  • Dev: add_above() and add_below() functions added to data table class to allow easier customization.
  • Dev: New hooks \'wc_product_table_hooks_before_register\' and \'wc_product_table_hooks_after_register\'.
  • Dev: Updated license code.


Release date 21 May 2018

  • New: Support for Time Picker field in Advanced Custom Fields.
  • New: Complete Dutch and Hebrew translations.
  • Fix: Selecting products by ACF custom field where field value is stored as an array (e.g. checkboxes).
  • Fix: Error when \'Add Selected To Cart\' text option was blank.
  • Fix: Filters and variations options being set incorrectly in some circumstances.
  • Fix: Don\'t add filter dropdown if there are no terms applicable to products in table.
  • Fix: Problem with lazy load which caused pagination to be set incorrectly when resetting table.
  • Fix: Problem with \'Rows per page\' plugin setting when using lazy load.
  • Fix: Improve display of audio and video shortcodes in responsive child row.
  • Fix: Conflict between WooCommerce and Advanced Custom Fields which caused bug loading ACF field object.
  • Fix: Potential infinite loop when there are product tables contained within product tables.
  • Fix: Minor error in archive-template.php template and updated to sversion 3.4.
  • Fix: Potential bug when using table in archive template and plugin settings were modified.
  • Fix: Categories filter was not always displayed when the \'category\' option was set.
  • Fix: Ensure multi cart is only enabled when the \'add to cart\' column is present.
  • Tweak: \'search_term\' option now correctly pre-fills the search box above table.
  • Tweak: Improve error handling in add to cart functions.
  • Tweak: Improve support with Beaver Builder.
  • Tweak: Improve table reset function.
  • Tweak: Improve table formatting in Jupiter theme.
  • Tweak: Add filter & action to allow custom product types to be added to cart.
  • Tweak: Remove extra database call for total product count when using lazy load.
  • Dev: Tested up to WP 4.9.6 and WC 3.4.
  • Dev: Update DataTables to version 1.10.16.
  • Dev: Update FontAwesome to version 5.


Release date 21 March 2018

  • New: Disabled table caching by default.
  • Tweak: Reposition \'Add Select to Cart\' button to fit better with search box and filter dropdowns.
  • Tweak: New caching options added to plugin settings.
  • Tweak: Added complete Italian translation.
  • Tweak: Tested in WC 3.3.4.
  • Fix: Hide disabled or out of stock variations when using variations=\"separate\".
  • Fix: Bug in Flatsome theme when quantity boxes are not displayed.


Release date 16 March 2018

  • Fix: PHP error when using custom table design option.


Release date 16 March 2018

  • New: Image lightbox for product table images using Photoswipe (requires WooCommerce 3.0 or later).
  • New: Search term shortcode option (search_term) to restrict products to specified term (not available with lazy load).
  • New: Variation description now displayed instead of product description when using separate variations.
  • New: Improve table caching and performance.
  • New: Moved multi cart form inside table controls section and improved CSS for controls.
  • New: Ignore product limit if using lazy load, unless set explicitly in shortcode.
  • Tweak: Always use smallest available image size (based on image_size option) to save bandwidth.
  • Tweak: Improve image attributes and alt tags.
  • Tweak: Remove stock quantity filter which prevented decimal quantities in stock column.
  • Tweak: Re-structure plugin settings page.
  • Tweak: Update WPML config.
  • Tweak: Added complete translations for German, Polish & Finnish.
  • Tweak: Improve RTL support.
  • Fix: Bug with default variation selection when using lazy load.
  • Fix: Bug with product add to cart checkbox when default variation is selected.
  • Fix: When ajax cart was disabled, adding simple products to the cart redirected to single product page.
  • Fix: Don\'t link to single product page if it\'s not visible.
  • Fix: Improve validation of plugin settings.
  • Fix: Bug which prevented loading of theme compat hooks.
  • Fix: Incompatibility with Avada and Salient themes which prevented quantity +/- buttons being displayed.
  • Fix: Bug in PHP 5.2 when using lazy load.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.


Release date 23 February 2018

  • Fix: Filter widgets not registered correctly in 2.0.6 release.


Release date 21 February 2018

  • Fix: Box sizing issue in Firefox and IE.
  • Fix: Quantity selector bug in Avada when two or more tables on one page.
  • Tweak: CSS tweak for quantity selector in Flatsome.
  • Tweak: Small tweaks to settings page.


Release date 26 January 2018

  • Tested with WooCommerce 3.3.
  • Fix: Bug with column sorting introduced in version 2.0.4.
  • Fix: Bug with attribute filter when variations=\"dropdown\" and attribute is not used for variations
  • Fix: Bug in Shopkeeper theme where variations were not initialised correctly for standard load.
  • Tweak: Update product table widgets to reflect recent changes in WooCommerce.
  • Tweak: Add support for SelectWoo to \'Filter by Attribute\' widget.


Release date 19 January 2018

  • New: Plugin option to set the \'Add Selected to Cart\' button text.
  • Fix: Add to cart button for variable products in responsive row was not working under certain conditions.
  • Fix: Quantity selector in Enfold was not working in Safari.
  • Fix: Quantity + and - buttons in Avada were not working correctly in responsive display.
  • Fix: Date sorting was not working correctly when using date_columns option.
  • Fix: Add to cart button now always displays in responsive modal window, regardless of cart_button setting.
  • Fix: Audio and video shortcodes were initialised twice, and were not working correctly in responsive display.
  • Fix: Product add-ons were not displayed inline in responsive display when inline was selected in plugin settings.
  • Tweak: Removed \'scroll offset\' and \'show footer headings\' plugin options.
  • Tweak: Updated wording in plugin options and added extra links to documentation.
  • Tweak: Improve styling and compatibility in Enfold.


Release date 13 December 2017

  • Fix: Bug with reset button where multi select checkboxes were incorrectly ticked.
  • Fix: Bug when adding products to the cart where quantity is a fractional value (e.g. 1.5 or 0.75).
  • Fix: Bug in Avada, Flatsome, Jupiter and XStore themes with quantity + and - buttons.
  • Tweak: Minor CSS tweaks and theme compatibility changes.
  • Tweak: Change DataTables error reporting.
  • Tweak: Extra filters for product table tax query and meta query.


Release date 1 December 2017

  • Fix: Bug with categories filter where categories were shown in the wrong order, or weren\'t shown in the drop-down list.
  • Fix: Bug with categories filter when selecting a parent category - products which belong to a child of the selected category are now correctly shown in the results.
  • Fix: Bug with categories filter where selection was lost after applying a layered nav filter widget.
  • Fix: Bug with plugin settings where some settings were not correctly applied to the product tables.
  • Fix: Bug in Flatsome (and other themes) where the quantity up/down buttons were only working on the first page of results.
  • Fix: Bug with other WooCommerce plugins which allow fractional product quantities to be used (e.g. 0.25).
  • Fix: Potential edge case where $_SERVER[\'REQUEST_METHOD\'] hasn\'t been set.
  • Tweak: Removed additional wrapper div so simplify HTML structure.
  • Tweak: Minor styling improvements in certain themes.
  • Tweak: Product ID now added to each row in table.


Release date 23 November 2017

  • Fix: Fatal error in PHP 5.6 and below.


Release date 22 November 2017

  • New: Support for WooCommerce Product Add-ons.
  • New: Category filter now sorted using correct sort order set in admin, and displays category hierarchy.
  • Code restructure and performance improvements.
  • Tested in latest versions of WordPress (4.9) and WooCommerce (3.2.5).
  • Added complete French translation.
  • Added Hebrew translation (credit: Josef Major).
  • Improved translations and number formatting across different locales.
  • Improved RTL support.
  • All translation now handled through PO files (gettext). JSON translation files removed from plugin but support kept for sites using custom JSON translation file.
  • Quantity selector no longer resets to 1 after adding to cart with AJAX.
  • Fix: Bug with \'Add selected to cart\' form in Edge browser (version 15 and below) and IE version 10 & 11 when AJAX cart is disabled.
  • Fix: Allow ACF fields which store multiple values (e.g. checkbox fields) to be used as field selections with the \"cf\" option.
  • Fix: Bug when using column names containing a dot \".\" with lazy load enabled.


Release date 25 October 2017

  • Fix: Replace missing language files.


Release date 17 October 2017

  • New: Tested with WooCommerce 3.2.1.
  • New: Added Brazilian Portuguese translation (credit: Milo Moskorz).
  • Fix: Bug with logic for display of product table widgets.
  • Fix: Bug with WooCommerce (version 2.7 and below) when using the \'image\' column.
  • Tweak: Improve styling with Hestia theme.
  • Tweak: Improvements to CSS when using custom border styles.


Release date 28 September 2017

  • Fix: Error in 1.8 update on servers running PHP 5.5 and below.


Release date 27 September 2017

  • New: Added new plugin settings, including table styling options and defaults for the [product_table] shortcode.
  • New: Added button to TinyMCE toolbar to insert the [product_table] shortcode when editing a page/post.
  • New: Added WPML config.
  • Fix: Bug with tax query when using \'+\' indicator in \'term\' option.
  • Fix: Potential conflict caused by incorrect triggering of \'in_the_loop\' property on global $wp_query.
  • Fix: Bug with \'wc_product_table_open_products_in_new_tab\' filter for variable products.
  • Fix: Prevent bug when using two of the same column in table.
  • Fix: Ensure videos are displayed in correct proportions when table first loads.
  • Fix: Minor bug with date custom fields.
  • Tweak: Added support for ACF \'date_time_picker\' field.
  • Tweak: Update Polish translation.
  • Tweak: Improved compatibility with Jupiter, Salient and Shopkeeper and X themes.
  • Tweak: Improved accessibility.


Release date 19 August 2017

  • Added Finnish translation.
  • Added \'numeric_terms\' option - set to true if you use categories/terms which have numeric slugs.
  • Fix: Bug with multi cart checkboxes when using variations=\"separate\".
  • Fix: Bug with variation data not being added to cart correctly.
  • Fix: Allow shortcodes to work in all custom field columns.
  • Fix: Bug with reset of table ordering on state load.
  • Fix: Bug with formatting of date custom fields.
  • Fix: Deprecated hook warning for WooCommerce stock filter.
  • Tweak: Added \'wc_product_table_enable_quantity_button_handler\' hook to allow plus/minus quantity buttons to work in product tables.
  • Tweak: Allow sorting by ID when using lazy load.
  • Tweak: Added hook to allow ordering to be disabled for specific columns.


Release date 27 July 2017

  • Fix: Change markup used for \'button\' column to work in all browsers.
  • Fix: Bug when search filters contain terms which have numeric slugs.
  • Fix: Bug in hook/filter registration which was causing duplicate variation data and price to be shown when using variations=\"dropdown\".
  • Fix: Bug with quantity selectors which prevented minimum quantity being set via the WooCommerce filter.
  • Fix: Bug with automatic selection of add to cart checkboxes.
  • Fix: Bug with cart checkboxes being accessible before a variation is selected when lazy_load=true.
  • Fix: Bug with multi add to cart form when ajax_cart is disabled.
  • Tweak: Changed CSS class for button to \'product-details-button\'.
  • Tweak: Improved CSS for plus/minus quantity buttons.
  • Tweak: Improved theme compatibility with Flatsome, Uncode and XStore themes.


Release date 10 July 2017

  • Fix: Bug with \'nowrap\' class being applied to tables.
  • Fix: CSS issue with reset button.
  • Fix: Spacing issue when \'Add Selected to Cart\' is below table.
  • Fix: Warning generated under certain conditions for Advanced Custom Field \'select\' fields.
  • Fix: Potential JS bug when disabling responsive details row using inline_config filter.


Release date 8 July 2017

  • New: Added new \'button\' column to link to the single product page (product details), and new \'button_text\' option to set the text for these buttons.
  • New: Added new \'add_selected_button\' option to control where the button for adding multiple products goes. Options: top, bottom or both.
  • New: Added CSS classes to each row in table (configurable via filter) to indicate whether a product is purchasable, out of stock, etc.
  • New: You can now sort the table by the product ID (sort_by=\"id\") or last modified date (sort_by=\"modified\").
  • Tweak: Added \'wc_product_table_open_products_in_new_tab\' filter to allow product links in table to be opened in a new tab/window.
  • Tweak: Renamed all options beginning \'display_\' (e.g. \'display_page_length\') so they are shorter/easier to use. The old options have been kept for backwards-compatibility.
  • Tweak: Improve compatibility with Savoy theme.
  • Tweak: CSS improvements.
  • Fix: Table now defaults to the WooCommerce product ordering setting if the \'sort_by\' option is not used.
  • Fix: Bug with Reset button when using plain permalinks.


Release date 26 June 2017

  • Fix: Fatal error in WooCommerce Product Add-Ons plugin when displaying pages containing product tables.


Release date 23 June 2017

  • New: Product variations can now be displayed as separate rows in the table - use variations=\"separate\" in the product table shortcode. Note: not currently supported for lazy loaded tables.
  • New: The image for variable products now updates when selecting the variation from the dropdown list.
  • New: All text strings (including above and below table) are now passed through standard WordPress gettext functions and therefore translated via the POT file.
  • New: Added Greek tranlsation.
  • Fix: Javascript bug when \'AJAX add to cart\' option is disabled in WooCommerce settings.
  • Fix: Remove duplicate \'wc_add_to_cart_params\' added to script.
  • Fix: Bug with table pagination when using filter widgets with lazy load enabled.
  • Fix: Add \'woocommerce\' body class to ensure filter widgets pick up theme styles.
  • Tweak: Improved support for Shopkeeper theme.
  • Tweak: Updated German translation.


Release date 5 June 2017

  • Fix: License key activation bug (introduced in 1.6).


Release date 3 June 2017

  • New: New widgets added for filtering products in the table - layered nav (attribute) filter, price filter, average rating and active filters.
  • New: Table state is now saved between page loads, so current, ordering, search filters, etc are maintained.
  • New: Improved compatibility with previous versions of WooCommerce.
  • New: Swedish and German (formal) translations.
  • Fix: Bug with multi add to cart for checkboxes contained in collapsed columns (e.g. on mobiles).
  • Fix: Javascript bug which prevented language options being set when multiple tables present on page.
  • Fix: Support for custom field date columns when stored as UNIX timestamps.
  • Tweak: Tested with WordPress 4.8.


Release date 3 May 2017

  • Tweak: Update DataTables to version 1.10.15.
  • Fix: Bug with license key validation when invalid key entered.
  • Fix: Remove Apple Pay button from product table if enabled (temporary).


Release date 19 April 2017

  • New: Custom field option \'cf\' now accepts just the field key to allow products to be selected based on whether a custom field exists.
  • Fix: Out of stock products and hidden catalogue products were showing in table in WC 3.0. Change to use new visibility taxonomy.
  • Fix: Always pass credentials for AJAX requests to ensure session is maintained.
  • Tweak: Update license code.


Release date 12 April 2017

  • Fix: Include support for custom product types for AJAX add to cart.
  • Fix: Improve theme compatibility for AJAX add to cart.
  • Tweak: Update DataTables to version 1.10.13.


Release date 6 April 2017

  • New: Ensure plugin is compatible with WooCommerce v3.0.
  • New: Added support for ACF Repeater fields.
  • New: Added template tags \'wc_get_product_table\' and \'wc_the_product_table\' for easier use in themes/plugins and WooCommerce templates.
  • Fix: Ensure width of image column matches the image size used.
  • Fix: Compatibility with date picker fields ACF Pro.
  • Fix: Multi cart will now add products from multiple results pages, if products on more than one page are selected.
  • Fix: Bug with custom column names appearing in search filter drop-downs.
  • Tweak: Replaced + / - icons for collapsed columns with FontAwesome icons.
  • Tweak: Removed $table parameter from \'wc_product_table_shortcode_output\' filter.
  • Tweak: Added filters for separator used in item lists (e.g. product categories).
  • Tweak: Improvements for table reset button.


Release date 31 March 2017

  • Fix: Reset product variations after adding to cart using AJAX.
  • Fix: Bug with multi cart when product attribute names contained upper case characters.
  • Fix: Bug with displaying several add to cart buttons when multiple tables on one page.
  • Several other tweaks and bug fixes.


Release date 23 February 2017

  • Fix: Bug with search filters and search on click when using lazy load option.
  • Fix: Bug with search filters which prevented first search term in table being added to list.
  • Fix: Intermittent bug with boolean shortcode options.
  • Tweak: Ensure shortcode doesn\'t run in admin.
  • Tweak: Display default variation for variable products.
  • Tweak: Ensure shortcode doesn\'t run on search results page.


Release date 11 February 2017

  • New: Added translations for Spanish, French, German, Italian, Danish, Polish and Norweigen.
  • Fix: Bug with responsive display functions (responsive_display=\"modal\" or \"child_row_visible\").
  • Fix: Hidden columns are no loner shown in modal child row display.
  • Fix: Ensure WooCommerce add to cart script is always loaded when ajax_cart=\"true\".
  • Fix: Bug with AJAX add to cart feature, where requests would fail on the second (and subsequent) attempts.
  • Fix: Bug with date format for date custom fields.
  • Fix: Search filters now work for hidden columns.
  • Fix: Bug with license code.
  • Tweak: Restructure Javascript array functions to prevent issues with other frameworks.
  • Tweak: Added filter \'wc_product_table_acf_value\' for ACF custom field values.
  • Tweak: Added filter \'wc_product_table_inline_config\' to modify inline table config.
  • Tweak: Replaced ID with WC_Product_Table object in filter hooks.


Release date 8 February 2017

  • New: AJAX add to cart functionality. AJAX is now used whenever products are added to the cart, including when adding multiple products. You can disable this by setting shortcode option ajax_cart=false.
  • New: Support for custom taxonomies. You can now add custom taxonomies to the table or select products by custom taxonomy term. See documentation for details.
  • New: \'term\' shortcode option to allow filtering by custom taxonomy term.
  • New: \'cf\' shortcode option to allow table to be filtered by custom field values.
  • Fix: If search filter is present as a column in table, use data in column as items for drop-down.
  • Fix: Betting error handling in Javascript code.
  • Fix: Bug with search filters and \'search on click\' searching.
  • Fix: Bug with custom taxonomy column heading.
  • Tweak: Replace Dashicons with Font Awesome.


Release date 31 January 2017

  • Fix: Javascript bug when not displaying variations.
  • Fix: Small bug with table config code for servers running older versions of PHP.


Release date 30 January 2017

  • New: Multiple add to cart. You can now select multiple products in the table and add them to the cart with one click. See documentation for details.
  • New: Added \'display_reset_button\' option to show or hide the reset button above the table.
  • New: Added column classes to every row in table to allow easier styling of table contents.
  • New: Deactivate license button on plugin settings page to make it easier to switch sites or move from development to production.
  • Fix: Change Advanced Custom Fields code to ensure any theme-added hooks run.
  • Fix: Bug with select, text area and WYSIWYG fields in ACF.
  • Fix: Bug with display of search filters on mobile devices.
  • Tweak: Ability to set a blank column heading. Use \"blank\" after column name, e.g. columns=\"price:blank\".
  • Tweak: Format URL custom fields as HTML links.
  • Tweak: Improved support for ACF fields.
  • Tweak: Added \'wc_product_table_search_label\' filter to allow the search box label to be customised.
  • Tweak: Added various filters to filter all data in the table (price, add to cart, variations, attributes, etc.)
  • Tweak: Added product ID to most filters to allow table specific filtering.
  • Tweak: Changed custom field filter to \'wc_product_table_data_custom_field\' (old filter still valid but deprecated) and added $product object.
  • Tweak: Adjust table styles to enable easier theme customisation.


Release date 21 January 2017

  • New: Custom fields which represent dates can now be sorted in correct date order. Use new option \"date_columns\" to specify which additional columns should be treated as dates, e.g. date_columns=\"cf:start_date,cf:end_date\".
  • Fix: Prevent first column from hiding on smaller screens when using responsive_control=\"inline\".
  • Fix: Restrict search filters to show only child terms when \'category\' or \'tag\' option specified.
  • Fix: Bug with custom field dates stored in European format (d/m/y).
  • Tweak: Moved inline table config directly below table element.
  • Tweak: Add dashicons dependency for plugin stylesheet.
  • Tweak: Updated license activation code.
  • Tweak: Re-structure Javacript code.


Release date 10 January 2017

  • Fix fatal error when displaying attribute columns and links=\"none\".
  • Fix bug with display of date picker fields in Advanced Custom Fields.
  • Table now scrolls to top when clicking category/tag/attribute in table and search_on_click=\"true\".


Release date 6 January 2017

  • Added support for product variations in table - use variations=\"true\" to enable. Variations appear as drop-down lists in the \'add to cart\' column.
  • Added support for product attributes. Add the attribute slug with the prefix \"att:\" to the shortcode, e.g. [product_table columns=\"name,price,att:color,att:size\"]
  • The filters option now supports product attributes so the table can be filtered by any attribute.
  • The filters option is now more flexible and you can include categories, tags or attributes, even if they are not displayed as a column in your table. For example, filters=\"categories,att:color\". If you use filters=\"attributes\" it will display all product attributes as filters.
  • The \"sort_by\" option now supports product attributes, e.g. sort_by=\"att:color\"
  • Styling tweak to reset button.
  • Fixed bug when sorting by price column.
  • Fixed table layout issue when displaying videos in table.
  • Updated license activation code.
  • Various other bug fixes and minor improvements.


Release date 7 December 2016

  • Added support for search filters (drop-down lists) to allow filtering by product category or tag. Use new option filters=\"true\" to enable.
  • Added Reset button next to search box to clear the current table search and reset filters.
  • Added new option \'shortcodes\' to allow shortcode content to be displayed in the table.
  • Added support for WordPress embedded media using video, audio and playlist shortcodes. Use shortcodes=\"true\" to enable.
  • Added fitVids.js to enable responsive video for tables displaying video files (supports YouTube and Vimeo).
  • Added support for \'search on click\' feature when using lazy load.
  • Added filter \'wc_product_table_custom_field_value\' to filter custom field values in table.
  • Tested with WordPress 4.7.
  • Various bug fixes and styling tweaks.


Release date 24 November 2016

  • Ensure quantity input in table is always \'1\' when first loaded.
  • Fix bug with \'search on click\' feature for product categories & tags. Search is now restricted to the column clicked on.
  • Fix compatibility issue with WordPress versions below 4.5.
  • Support links on settings page.


Release date 8 November 2016

  • Added \'exclude_category\' option to allow product categories to be excluded from table. Use category slugs or IDs.
  • Added \'include\' option to only display the products specified (use a list of IDs).
  • Added \'product_limit\' option to limit the total number of products displayed in the table.
  • Added four new options to show or hide the page length drop-down, search box, results totals and pagination buttons. Options are \'display_page_length\', \'display_search_box\', \'display_totals\' and \'display_pagination\' and each can be set to either \'top\', \'bottom\', \'both\' or \'false\' to hide the element.
  • Added \'paging_type\' option to allow control over pagination style used - see documentation for details.
  • Added \'auto_width\' option to enable or disable the automatic column width calculations (default: true).
  • The \'Show products\' drop-down now includes an \'All\' option to display all products.
  • The \'Show products\' drop-down above table now defaults to the \'rows_per_page\' setting in the shortcode.
  • Added support for custom fields - use cf: in the \'columns\' option.
  • Add support for ID column.
  • Allow \'image_size\' to be set using one number for both width and height (e.g. image_size=50)
  • Improved table styling
  • Fix conflict with class names and WooCommerce
  • Pass the current post and product objects to the \'wc_product_table_custom_data\' filter


Release date 27 October 2016

  • Fix bug with lazy load option.


Release date 26 October 2016

  • Initial release.