Get ready for your best Black Friday ever

🎁 And get exclusive discounts on Barn2 plugins 🎁

Special webinar discounts

Attendees can get special discounts off all the tools featured in the webinar (expiry date midnight Thursday 27 October, 2022):

  • 30% off any Barn2 plugin - enter coupon code WINNINGBF on the checkout page.
  • Amazing $49 lifetime deal on Sitewide Sales> - no coupon needed.

About this webinar

Black Friday generates 20% of annual sales for many online retailers. It’s crucial for WooCommerce store owners to ensure their websites are set up to make the most of this fantastic opportunity.

During our free live webinar for WooCommerce store owners, we showed you how you can quickly and easily improve your store to take full advantage of the Black Friday sale. Katie, Marta and Yash from Barn2 joined Kim Coleman from Sitewide Sales to learn how to:

  • Choose the right discount levels for your sale.
  • Add Black Friday discounts and sitewide sales to WooCommerce.
  • Improve conversions by speeding up the customer journey (which will help during Black Friday and beyond!).
  • Convince hesitant customers to buy before the end of the sale.