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Echoing everyone else here, it seems
I installed the plugin with a fairly specific plan of how I wanted to use it and how to set it up. There were speedbumps along the way because of the design of my existing site, but with the flexibility of the plugin itself and the wonderfully hands on, prompt customer service, the obstacles were easily handled, and the site came out wonderfully; it matched my expectations of functionality, and surpassed my expectations of ease of use.
Great plugin, and greater customer help
How can I describe the help I had from Barn? You purchase a plugin for creating a wholesale shop, but/and, you purchase also a great customer service. Not only the plugin do what you want, not only it is updated with new features, but you also have access to a GREAT customer support. 5/5
Every time I have reached out to Barn2 Plugins for features it has lacked they were quick to respond and help. They also quickly move into action to add any features you suggest. Barn2 is a rare company in this space as I have been building websites for many years no other company has addressed issues as fast and diligently as they have. Keep up the great work!!!!
Sleek & Fast Customer Service
I came across this plugin on YouTube funnily enough and it appeared to do everything I wanted it to do in a sleek intuitive way. There are some learning curves since I'm new to Woocommerce but their support team have (and continue) to help where appropriate.