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My favorite plugin provider
Quick View Pro is the third plugin from Barn2 that I've used, and I've never seen a company with such an outstanding combination of thoughtful UI design, thorough documentation, responsive support, and blog posts that show how to solve a real world problem with one of their plugins. In fact, I found each plugin by searching for an implementation solution to something I needed to do. Quick View Pro had an easy and flexible setup that worked out of the box in a Divi environment. I can only wish all my plugins worked this well.
Great support and plugin
This is the best plugin available and I say this because I tested absolutely all the options available on the market. This is the only one that supports other types of products as well (from official WooCommerce extensions). The support is very fast and with great service.
Very handy plug-in and top-quality support
I write Python code for AI applications, but am a pretty terrible web developer! Barn2's plugin support engineer Nikki took a lot of time and patience to help me get the Product Table and Quick View plugins working in the way I wanted. Thanks again!
Great plugin and better support
The plugin works fine as shown in the demo. The support is amazing, they added all the requests I made and solved all my questions in no time.
Great Support
Works great and any issues that I've had to overcome were handled quickly by support. Thanks!!
Just worked as it should :-)
Your plugin was the only "quick view plugin" that made sense and just worked as it should :-) There are lots of other "quick view" plugins on the market but they just do not solve the problem that should be solved with "quick view" very well --> that is to hasten the buying process! Then what also made me buy the plugin was the lifetime option and the "WooCommerce Product Table" extra. I contacted your support team and the support was OUTSTANDING.
great plugin and outstanding support
very solid, high-functional and easy to use plugins combined with outstanding support. Highly recommended!
Excellent plugin, do exactly what it says, provide a quick view of the product and the ability to order, whitout leaving the page you are in.
Just nice!
We bought QVP to shorten up and optimize the hole buying process of our website. Not only where we super happy with the way the plugin worked, we were also overwhelmed by the good and fast support when we had a technical question. Thanks B2P, keep up the good work!
Much improved user experience!
I just installed QVP on my regular store. It looks and works awesome and it gives my simple store a much upgraded and improved user experience. I'm about as low tech as you can find. It was super simple to get up and running. Thanks!!!