Read customer reviews of the WooCommerce Quantity Manager WordPress plugin by Barn2.

Average rating: 5.00

Rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 8 customer reviews.

It's from Barn2. What else would you expect?
Super simple addition. But boy removes the massive headache around min. order value with free shipping and wholesale bulk buying with price breaks at various volumes. Absolutely love it!
Very easy to use
Very easy to use with no problems. It was the first time that I bought a plugin and it went very easy.
Good Plugin, Good Support
The plugin does what it is advertised as. Also it has API support (thats why we choose it). And it works for 10k+ products without any problems. Plus support is very good. They even send required documents before the purchase. Best money we've spent on Wordpress.
Good support
Nice plugin. We found a bug and notified the team. They fixed the issue within few days. Good job!
Great plugin, great team!
Super easy to use, works perfectly and has great support.
Most Efficient plugin
The most easy and efficient plugin with a great support team
We increased sales and customer convenience!
By setting default quantities we were able to increase sales and add convenience for our customers when adding items to the cart. We run "Buy one get 1 half off " specials regularly - We did A/B testing where we set the default quantity to 2 instead of one and many more customers took advantage of the specials! This plugin also allows us to bundle products by the dozen and results in fewer clicks and confusion for our customers! This is a rock solid and very versatile plugin. We use it in conjunction with the Product Table Pro plugin as well.
Superb and robust plugin
This is the ideal plugin to resolve the issue of WooCommerce's default quantity. It's just what's needed if you are using min/max quantities with variables or want to set default quantities for entire product categories or for specific products.