Read customer reviews of the WooCommerce Protected Categories WordPress plugin by Barn2.

Average rating: 5.00

Rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 48 customer reviews.

Solid, simple and well supported
The whole process from deciding if the plugin met our needs to buying, setting up and using it was effortless! Love the available options and it works well straight out of the box. Great value for money. Thanks guys!
Customer Service
Great customer service! Shout out to Katie for helping with any confusion we had as a company and explaining thoroughly to help us better understand. :)
Works perfectly
Solid solution. No bugs experienced.
WooCommerce Protected Categories plugin
This plugin worked exactly what we need it for. We used it for securing products not available to the public. This is a Wholesale price category only. Worked perfectly! Thanks Barn2
What I needed
Does what it says, solid plugin.
Best Plugin Developers
it's not my first time buying a plugin from barn2. The plugins work flawlessly and the support is great, always ready to answer any question i ask, and trying to figure out how they can help. keep it up!
Great plugin and even more important : great support!
I purchased the plugin last Saturday morning, with the intent to work the whole weekend to get an e-commerce site ready for customer demo on Monday. I ran into a problem getting the plugin registered, so I opened a support request, with little hope anything would happen before start of the week. A few hours later, Katie from the support team logged into my site, and fixed the problem on the spot! Suffice to say that I have been pleasantly surprised by this and that it helped me get the website ready by today! Many thanks again, Katie!
Perfect plugin and great support!
Does exactly as advertised and works great! No more wacky discount rules for wholesale customers. We have a hidden site within our retail site that only wholesalers can see now! Support is quick to answer any questions and that makes us the difference for us as well!!
Great Plugin to Restrict Access to Woocommerce Categories
Awesome plugin, does at advertised. It would be nice to enable a custom login page with support of all major editors which replaces the default login page on each category automatically.
Fits my needs exactly
I run an affiliate shopping site, which is a site with links to products on other sites. Periodically a merchant will pull out of an affiliate program which creates a lot of steps for me to remove them from my site. I don't always have time to immediately do that. Using WooCommerce Protected Categories allows me to instantly choose "Private" on the Category page and the entire Category for that Merchant will be hidden. It's a lifesaver. The customer service of the Support team is fantastic. Fast, friendly and professional.