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Exactly the plugin I needed
The perfect app for showcasing skus with multiple variants (20+ per product). Allows customers to easily compare specs and prices. We use this for our B2B wholesale site, where our customers would prefer a price list style shopping experience as opposed to a retail style. The app is super easy to customize in terms of content and design! Would give it 10 stars if I could.
Simple, flexible solution
With over 250 courses on our e-learning site it was an intimidating thought to consider how we'd break them out by category in easy-to-read tables. This plugin does an incredible job of making that difficult task simple and flexible. Their support is responsive and helpful. Barn2 is definitely on my must-watch list!
I really love this plugin
Wow- I love this plug in. It makes is so easy to turn your woocommerce shop into something truly customized. Beautiful layout, easy to use, great customer service (I had a quick question and they responded quickly and were super personable!)
Great Product
The fact that you dont have to create pages for each category and use short codes is a huge time saver.
Excelent work
It's not so commun to find a plugin fully compatible, easy to set up, and which is working fine. You guys did it, a lot of thanks for this very very good work !
good easy to use
We did a lot of searching for the best plugin our client needed for a wholesale liquor distribution website. The documentation was easy to understand and it had all the bells and whistles needed to make our website project work.
Clever & Smart
Wonderful, flexible and easy-to-use Plugin with a great and engaged support too.
Awesome plugin
Quite a unique plugin and very suitable for online ordering for restaurants during Cov-19. Works well with a number of other plugins too, expanding its usefulness. Works well.
Restaurant tutorials + Product Table = New website in less than a few days!
I run a small food cart in Ohio, USA. Because of COVID/Corona my state government has recommended that my customers be able to order online and that they receive a text when their order is done to mitigate folks standing around my food cart waiting for their order to come up. Barn2's restaurant tutorials saved my butt!! and now i have an awesome looking and functional website. I haven't used WordPress in over a decade... ? forever.. ?. And I've never used Woocommerce. It took a week of me fighting with my Square POS issues and finding a theme that fit my style. After those two things we're settled it took no time for me to follow the tutorials and basically cut and paste Barn2's examples. I didn't have to take the time to understand syntax, parameters, or wrap my head around generic, abstract documentation that I normally can't understand without multiple, relatable examples. I even took it a step further and plagiarized the look of the website mentioned in the tutorials: Deliciously Clean Eats - . Thank you!
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WooCommerce Product Table

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