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Ótimo Plugin e suporte!
Se você procura uma maneira bonita, simples e funcional de exibir grandes quantidades de produtos e variáveis, o Product Table é uma ótima solução. O suporte deles é incrível, auxiliando com sugestões para tirar o melhor proveito do plugin. ------ If you are looking for a beautiful, simple, and functional way of displaying large quantities of products and variables, the Product Table is a great solution. Their support is awesome, helping with suggestions to get the best out of the plugin.
Just what I needed
WooCommerce Product Table is a great plugin. I had a request from a client for multiple WooCommerce product tables to be displayed on their site, and I was planning on building one to suit my needs. Unfortunately, due to a tight deadline, I knew I wouldn't have time to develop it. The setup is easy and the documentation is straightforward. The best part is that each time I realized I needed something custom depending on the table, this plugin already supported the customization.
Awesome plugin
The plugin works exactly as described, its an awesome all arround plugin if you want a different product display than the ordinary one, especially in love with the Ajax add to cart button so the page wont refresh after every single addittion . Keep up the good work guys.
A robust and dependable solution
Having tried a number of plugins for a Woo table layout solution, all of them with glitches or false sales, this product is worth the extra money and works without issues straight out of the box. I found the documentation a breeze to use and cant wait for future releases.
Exactly What I Have Been Looking For
This plugin is absolutely fantastic. I have been looking for a plugin just like this for a while now. I so glad I discovered this one. I wanted a quick, nice way to have my many products listed in a table with a quantity field and an add to cart button. This plugin was the answer. I love the way you can customize the table to include only the columns you want and how you can order the table by a specific column. I would totally recommend this plugin.
I've tried so many product table and list view plugins over the past year. None of them were supported well and often simply were non-functional. I recently discovered BARN2 and WooCommerce Product Table; it does everything I need for my store that I had been searching for. My large and growing product catalogue was becoming irritating to customers and having data readily in view helps tremendously. The plugin worked perfectly for my site, the documentation is thorough and helpful, its simple to setup, and I highly recommend it.
Excellent Plugin - Got the Job Done Right
I used this on our client's site,, and it worked perfectly for displaying the items we wanted to display in a table with actionable properties. This is a fantastic plugin, works very well, is easy to learn, and very extensible. Would highly recommend!
Great Plugin
I'd already bought two other plugins to create table views - both were terrible. If you need a table view plugin, this is the one you want. It's easy to use, fast and massively customisable. I really couldn't have built my site the way it is without it. If you want to see what I mean you are welcome to see this plugin in use all over my site Just click on any of the kitchen door ranges and the table will be in view. On the handle pages I made the thumbnail larger (ridiculously simple) and on the colour samples page this plugin shows free items, without quantity. Really can't recommend this plugin, or BARN2, enough. The best plugin I bought when updating my site.
Must Have...for some situations
When converting an old html site that used all tables with add to cart buttons in the last column, I struggled for a week to figure out a way to convert the site to wordpress. Woocommerce just couldn't handle this type of situation. When you must display sizes, specs, weights, in a row, in large quantities, this plugin was the only way I could find that could do what I wanted. The customization options were icing on the cake. I left one star off because I think it could really improve with a few additions. Being able to build a shortcode in some type of interface, which can be saved, duplicated, modified, and THEN placed on a page would be incredibly useful. But hey, it still works as advertised. I just hope development continues, as they have the right idea here. Worth every penny.
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WooCommerce Product Table

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