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Great plugin, excellent support
Very easy to install and set-up. So many possible configurations and simple instructions to enable a perfect match for the required specs. Tech support very quick and very helpful. Highly recommended. Thank you :)
Great plugin and top-notch support!
The plugins we've used from Barn2 are great. They fit a lot of niche use cases and really extend WooCommerce functionality. Their support is always fast and helpful!
Good plug-in, great support!
Their support team was excellent to work with. Quick response and great follow up. Thank you!
Product Table plugin rocks
Some WordPress plugins can be a bit sketchy, and you're not sure whether to have confidence in them. Barn2's WooCommerce Product Table plugin is not one of those, but a fantastic, solid product that perfectly fits a common need. I was amazed at how easy this was to use, and impressed many times with the documentation and the support I received. I'll be back to this developer for more!
Excellen product and support
Was very pleased with the functionality of the WooCommerce Product Table and even more so with the fast and extremely helpful support. Would definitely go for Barn2 plugins in the future again when I need them. Can highly recommend them!
A very flexible -added value to my music website
About a year ago I was searching for a solution/plugin to manage all my music. I'm a singer songwriter and was seeking a way to provide my fans/listeners with an easy way to listen to, download, and purchase my music. Barn2's WooCommerce Product Table did the trick nicely! What's cool is I can have my fans search for specific songs from particular albums - or if they don't know exactly what they are looking for, but are in a particular mood or want to hear a particular style - I was able to create custom filters/dropdown menus to choose from to help narrow the search. Here is a link to my website - as of November 21, 2021 it is not yet complete, but should be done by year end - please feel free to visit now and take a look around :-) Cheers!
WooCoomerce Product Table is an outstanding asset. The plugin is easily worked into your site due to its ease of use and fantastic support received. Have an issue and need a custom code figured out? Email support and I'm sure they will make it happen. A stand-out that will make your website shine and function to your vision.
Fast and responsive support team
Without good customer service support, no matter how good the product may be, it will end up being a failure. Kudos to the support team for being so quick to respond to my request. :)
Great support!
Plugin does what it say on the tin. Easy to use, and most importantly excellent support!
Very Useful Plugin
The plugin is useful and effective year after year, update after update. This is extremely important, I have no interest in building websites with flyby night developers. I need confidence, that the plugins I use will be around for years to come, compatible with future updates, and that when I need help I will get a response. That is why Barn2 is on my approved plugin developer list. Sidenote: This specific plugin is very versatile. It is not just a table plugin, if you think creatively you can make it display information in some very interesting ways on your website.
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WooCommerce Product Table

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