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Awesome plugin, awesome support
I tried out a few other product table extensions before going for this one. It trumps the rest by a country mile! Clear documentation, and quick replies from support too. Thanks for making a plugin that does exactly what I needed and does it really well!
Great Plugin, Awesome Developer.
This plugin was almost exactly what my customers were asking me to do to make ordering products on a weekly basis much more convenient. Instead of having to wade through our entire catalog of products, they can have a customized order form of only the products they order on a regular basis. They can still access the other products, if their needs change, of course, but this is much more user friendly for them (and me) than the default shopping method on WooCommerce. I had a question for the developer when setting it up, and was amazed at the speed of their response, the depth of understanding of my issue and the amount of time they must have spent in researching the answer. This is the second plugin we've purchased from them and it is because of Katie's blog articles that we knew about it and how we could use it to solve our problem. Her articles are written from the user's point-of-view and give working solutions to some real-world problems that WooCommerce users face. My wish list for future improvement: Add the ability to limit the variable products to selected varieties. I have one popular product with 50+ flavors, but most of my regular customers only order a few of the flavors on a weekly basis. Having all 50+ flavors is not ideal, and while I've devised a sort of workaround for some clients, it would be best if the plugin could handle this itself (each variety has its own product id, so implementing the shortcode would be simple for me or any other WC user if they do add this feature down the road). Highly recommend this plugin and this developer's other products.
Perfect solution für ice cream parlour's webshop
I searched WordPress for a plugin that would make it possible to offer 'do your own' ice cream cups for my customer, an ice cream parlour. WC Product Table gives me this possibility. The knowledge base is huge, the videos are easy to follow. Full marks!
Blown away!
Wasn't too sure what to expect when i bought the "Product Table Plugin", but I was in for a surprise. The plugin was exactly as expected even more, it worked perfectly. The video tutorial was clear and easy to follow and their support services was so helpful, prompt on responding to my issues, and even helped to resolve the issue not just telling me what needs to be done. The service exceed my expectation. I will definitely recommend Barn2Media, thanks Katie.
Exactly what we were looking for, PLUS super-fast, awesome docs and support
We were looking for a product table with the ability to buy several things without being directed to the individual product pages and well, that's what this plugin does! :) I loved the clear and concise documentation, despite the multitude of different settings available. This plugin offers a lot of options and it's really wonderful to see that the documentation actually teaches you how to use it for the most specific cases. Also loving how quickly it loads - I was expecting something clunky and it seems like the plugin is coded extremely well. I don't know too much about coding plugins, but I've seen a lot of slow, ugly ones with much less functionality. Bravo!
Excellent plugin
I am not a developer and have built my own site and wanted to offer a 'build your own hamper' service. This plug in works brilliantly and I had it up and running really quickly. It is particularly helpful that it works with variable products. And I love the demo video - very very helpful. There is tons of easy to search documentation that helped me with pretty much all the questions I have. I highly recommend this plug-in, especially if you are a website-building novice!
Outstanding plugin! The knowledge base contains concise step by step how to create your own table which actually makes this plug-in "fun". Having troubles like me with 1st steps? Support will take your hand and lead you to where you need to be. Thanks Barn2 treesurf
Great plugin - great people behind the scenes
I needed something to display certain posts and make them searchable and filterable. This plugin was just what I was looking for. It works really well. The search narrows the results as you type. The table looks like it's "embedded" in the theme as it doesn't come with too much styling. I didn't have to change a single line of code to make it fit into the website. I did have two minor technical issues and had to contact the support. Katie answered very quick and the conversation was very friendly. One issue couldn't be solved right away, so the developer Andy looked into it as well and found a way to fix it. Also, I want to point out that the documentation is remarkable. Everything is explained, understandable and well written. I can highly recommend this plugin!
Perfect table for catering orders. Excellent customer service!!
I loved the tutorial because it was exactly what my client was after. An easy to use table system for catering and food. There aren't many ready-made plug-ins with this in the world so I was very excited to learn that Barn2Media had one. I was looking at YouTube as well and came across the video which was super easy to follow. I had excellent help from Katie and Andy who tested out my theme. Katie helped me with checking my short codes (putting them together was actually enjoyable!) and the plugin automatically worked with the styling to my theme (with a minor tweak from Andy). Overall very happy and would use this plug-in again. Thanks guys!
Fast, Non-Complicated, Spreadsheet and Data Viewing Plugin
I needed a WordPress plugin to easily display and filter a spreadsheet of 1,000 rows of product details. Frustrated after hours of testing multiple CSV upload tools, I found Barn2's "WooCommerce Product Table" plugin by doing a Google search. This product table works great, it's easy to install, has great help videos and documentation, and it simply works. I can now present and have spreadsheet data displayed and searched in WordPress pages, and clients can easily search and find find products.
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