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Rated 4.97 out of 5 stars
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Great support
It's good to see that there are still companies that stand behind their products. The support you get from these guys after the sale is great.
Excellent table
Excellent table to display the products, we don't use it now because we are not selling physical products, but if I have to use a product table again, it will definitely be the Barn2 one.
Best Product Table Plugin
It just works, the documentation is very clear. It's easy to customize, and offers a lot of options for columns. It's also very fast, I was surprised how was it loads the products and being able to add a lot of products to the cart at once, and also filter them by categories. The shortcode makes it super easy to add the table anywhere on your site.
Exactly what we needed
This plugin provided us with a great solution for our site. Their attentive support made it easy to continue using for years!
Some of the best support I've ever had
Great plugin, & exceptional customer support - which is SO important!
Outstanding Support
Great plugin, highly customizable, and superior customer service. Thank you. :)
Great Customer Support!
We had an issue with our Product Table and support was very quick to respond, knowledgeable, and easy to follow. I had our problem fixed quickly and easily. Very impressed with Barn2 & Edge Padero!
So Customizable
We used this plugin for years when I had a business selling guitar cases of numerous sizes and specs. The sorting capabilities and customization options are amazing with this plugin. I thought it was excellent, and it solved a lot of problems for us.
Resolved issue on custom filter names for WooCommerce Product Table
Issue solved satisfactorily. Excellent support!
Powerful, flexible plugin
Lots of options to tailor this plugin - and backed up by very responsive support when required.
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WooCommerce Product Table

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