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Great plugin!
The plugin is working great! Having more functions than expected and lot's of customization! The support is awesome, very fast responding!
Great plugin
Great plugin, easy to use and Great support very responsive. I highly recommend.
Great Plugin and Amazing Support Team
The Product Table plugin does everything we were looking for, and more. It provides us a ton of options on how the table is displayed, and the responsive features are just what we needed. When we had a question, Katie was very fast with an answer. If you are looking for a woocommerce product table, look no further.
A great value plugin
On the face of it not as cheap as other plugins but in the long term I benefited more from the savings in time. Really well coded and documented, it works, its flexible beyond my needs and the support is excellent. Highly recommended.
Woocommerce plugin of the year
I love the flexibility of this plugin. Very easy to setup & well documented. 2 uhm ... no 3 thumbs up!!
Best plugin
The best plugin I have ever come across. The support team is awesome as they help us in the best way possible.
Just what we needed
The Wholesale Product Table Plugin works great! It does exactly what we need to make our wholesale pages into an order form. Support has been fantastic to help us tweak the plugin to our exact needs. Cheers!
Very flexible plugin and outstanding support!
You can build almost any table imaginable and change almost any single aspect of it with shortcodes and CSS with this plugin. There's even more you can do with PHP filters if you so desire. The plugin is very well documented and if everything else fails - the support team is always willing to help. I've even received PHP snippets that allowed me to create columns with custom content easily. Pure awesomeness.
Every plugin should be this good!
I buy and use a ton of plugins and I have to say, I've never had a better experience! These people are super responsive even though they are in a "whole 'nother country" from me... ;) I'll be checking here for every project I do to see if they have something to fill my needs. Nice work y'all! -Mike in Texas
Really good plugin, well documented. Very responsive and helpful support.
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WooCommerce Product Table

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