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Great support
The product works well and when I had some issues, support was excellent.
Saved us a lot of coding time
I am glad we found the Product Table plugin. We are using Woocommerce to power our online catalog where most products are variable models. This plugin allowed us to create tables for each model showing all of the available skus while allowing for scalability and responsible layouts.
Great plugin & support
This plugin is awesome for listing multiple products on a single page. I wish it worked with composite products but I can't fault them for not, and the support team was awesome in helping us get things working how we wanted. I'll definitely use this on other projects in the future!
Useful plugin, Excellent support
Quality product and useful for what I needed. Also, excellent customer service. Thanks!
Great Plugin, HIGHLY Recommended
I love this plugin. No issues whatsoever. It works perfect for catalog sites which aren't necessarily e-commerce and that's exactly what I needed!!! I highly recommend for the design, ease of use, features, and support.
Awesome solution for restaurant menu, plus outstanding plugin support!
This was EXACTLY the plugin I needed for a client who was launching a website with an extensive menu of breakfast & lunch items. We had no need for product photos and needed a clean list for display and easy ordering. This plugin fit the bill. I had an issue with this plugin not playing nicely with another plugin that I had installed. Barn2Media worked out a solution, which allowed me to add their awesome WooCommerce Product Table to my client's website without sacrificing the other desired functionality I had in place. I can't say enough nice things about Barn2Media!
WooCommerce Product Table saved me time and money
The WooCommerce Product Table is well thought out and provides a great responsive experience. The switch between desktop and mobile is elegant and clean. The plugin saved me hours or creating a *true* list view myself and then having to design a way for my own list view to be responsive. This saved me time and money. Very pleased with the results.
Excellent Plugin
Works perfectly for our website and products which benefit greatly from being presented in a table format with key attributes in a comparison format. Fantastic support documentation with all features described thoroughly makes implementation easy. Highly recommended.
Perfect solution for large and small product databases.
This is the perfect, most flexible, and easy to navigate solution for any WooCommerce store. We have over 100,000 products and it loads fast, and the search works flawlessly. There is no other extension like this I have found with this level of quality, flexibility, and performance. Won't hesitate to purchase any of Barn2 plugins. Perfect elegant solution and they are always adding new features! That's the best part.. they listen and implement customer suggestions.
Just what WooCommerce always needed!
WooCommerce Product Table is the only plugin that I found that could create the tables this way and with so much flexibility. (Displaying product tables with buy now buttons should've been built into WooCommerce a LONG time ago) I’m not a developer and had NO problem understanding your detailed knowledge base getting my tables configured how I wanted them. Anything I didn't understand or couldn't find, your support was very quick to direct me in the right direction. THAT IS AWESOME! The ONLY issue I had, in the beginning, was the cost, it seemed a little high for an ecommerce plugin. But after using the product, the extensive knowledge base, and the EXCELLENT customer support, its TOTALLY worth every penny! I’m sure I’ll be using it on another project VERY soon. Thank You, Steve Adams | 316 Design | 619.726.9923 We live the lifestyles that we promote.™
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WooCommerce Product Table

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