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Super fast support
The plugin works perfectly and has a good documentation so it’s really easy to use. When I had an issue with my subscription’s licence key the support solved it in within 1 hour which is a record!
Powerful & Effective
Powerful and very customizable plugin to meet your woocommerce product needs. Great support and documentation on how to implement.
Exactly what we needed
This Product Table plugin can be used by both basic and advanced users, and provides a perfect solution, while doing it elegantly simple. An amazing team built a great plugin here, endless customization options, extended knowledge base, and very responsive email support. Product Table by Barn2 is the best plugin we own, highly recommended! Good job guys!
Easy to use, good functionality, great support
This plugin is very easy to use and implement. Has good documentation and great support from the team if needed. I used the Woocommerce Product Table on a site that sells motorcycle parts. Worked out perfectly for me and surely for anyone who needs to be able to filter among a lot of products.
Easy to use, flexible, and prompt, polite and easy to understand support.
It's not often I come across a plugin that actually works without issue, but this is one of them. The plugin configuration is easy to understand, and there was hardly need to refer to the documentation. For the few things for which I did refer to the documentation, I found it to be comprehensive and easy to understand. I asked one question of the support staff, which was answered very promptly with a well written and clear response to allow me to achieve what I wanted - and it turned out there was already some documentation to achieve what I wanted that I'd missed. Great work!
Fantastic plugin and outstanding support!
Very easy to set up, this plugin is packed with tons of options to display the perfect product table on any page or post using a simple shortcode. You can choose the columns, rename them, hide the column title, use variations dynamically, add buttons, ... you name it, the plugin does it! Excellent documentation and outstanding support make that plugin a 'must have' for any WooCommerce shop. Simply brilliant.
Great Plug-In With Exceptional Service!
Plug-in is awesome. Very well built and super thorough documentation and educational videos available. Katie and the Barn2 team are impressively responsive to address support needs, and do so with a friendly and empathetic demeanor. Two thumbs up!!!
The right answer for fast ordering
A client of ours was looking for a way to provide repeat customers with a fast and easy way to reorder their favorite products. This Product Table had all the documentation and customization ability we needed to provide them with a reliable, practical form that could keep their customers happy.
Best plugin I could find
I did a lot of research on finding a plugin that list products like the WooCommerce Product Table. I downloaded 3 or 4 other ones but nothing compared to this one. Great plugin so easy to set up and worked right off the bat. Never needed any kind of support because everything I needed was in the documentation. I would recommend this and any one of their plugins.
Fabulous plugin, amazing support.
Fabulous plugin with loads of options and settings to fine tune the look and functionality, it’s a must have plugin for any site with lots of products. Lots of documentation and great support make this a plugin you really should buy.
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WooCommerce Product Table

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