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WooCommerce Product Table is excellent!
I tried several plugins before only to have them refunded. WooCommerce Product Table: - Fully customizable through css - A lots of short code available to help personalization. - Lighting fast support (with SOLUTIONS given, not like some other "I understand your issue but…")
Useful plugin, Excellent support
Quality product and useful for what I needed. Also, excellent customer service. Thanks!
Great Plugin, HIGHLY Recommended
I love this plugin. No issues whatsoever. It works perfect for catalog sites which aren't necessarily e-commerce and that's exactly what I needed!!! I highly recommend for the design, ease of use, features, and support.
Amazing plugin and really professional support
It was exactly what I was looking for my WooCommerce website. It fits perfectly on my WP dark background template. Very easy to implement on any page. It looks beautiful and works perfectly. Also super fast and super professional and careful support. I'm really happy to have purchased the Product Table. It can be seem expensive but it's really worth it.
Blazing fast, intuitive plugin and the fastest and most efficient support I've experienced so far in the WP World!
I cannot thank Katie enough for her help, time and great customer support. The plugin itself is blazing fast and very high quality (design-wise and works seamlessly, no bug, everything is fine) I first tired to make it work together with the WooCommerce Filter Plugin through the WOOF connector plugin but I must say that the WooCommerce Filter Plugin ist by far not as qualitative/fast/responsive/working as Product Table. Great work, I hope Product Table will get more functions in the future like In Stock/Out of stock filters, infinite scroll and a table view to replicate the WooCommerce Default store. Great job!
Great plugin - great people behind the scenes
I needed something to display certain posts and make them searchable and filterable. This plugin was just what I was looking for. It works really well. The search narrows the results as you type. The table looks like it's "embedded" in the theme as it doesn't come with too much styling. I didn't have to change a single line of code to make it fit into the website. I did have two minor technical issues and had to contact the support. Katie answered very quick and the conversation was very friendly. One issue couldn't be solved right away, so the developer Andy looked into it as well and found a way to fix it. Also, I want to point out that the documentation is remarkable. Everything is explained, understandable and well written. I can highly recommend this plugin!
Perfect table for catering orders. Excellent customer service!!
I loved the tutorial because it was exactly what my client was after. An easy to use table system for catering and food. There aren't many ready-made plug-ins with this in the world so I was very excited to learn that Barn2Media had one. I was looking at YouTube as well and came across the video which was super easy to follow. I had excellent help from Katie and Andy who tested out my theme. Katie helped me with checking my short codes (putting them together was actually enjoyable!) and the plugin automatically worked with the styling to my theme (with a minor tweak from Andy). Overall very happy and would use this plug-in again. Thanks guys!
Had some trouble getting this plugin to display properly due to some custom coding on my site. Katie fixed it all within 12 hours of my support email. Outstanding service. Plugin looks great also. Thanks.
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WooCommerce Product Table

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