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Great Service
Great customer service. Prompt, knowledgeable, and committed to a solution. Very helpful with getting this setup and working properly.
Solid, versatile, great support
We're using WooCommerce Product Table to display certified products on two different pages on our website. This plugin has met all our needs and is easily configurable to meet the specific uses on the different pages. Support and documentation have been a great help, too!
Excellent Product with Phenomenal Customer Support
Barn2 plugins are simple to setup and simply work right out of the gate! I found the WooCommerce Product Table plugin for a client and it was the perfect solution for B2B sales. But what sets Barn2 apart from other plugin providers, is the absolutely INCREDIBLE customer support. Adrian went WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND in terms of customer service. I asked question in a support ticket that was outside the scope of the Table plugin. Nonetheless, Adrian responded that he wanted to help me anyway and found the solution I was looking for. Who does that these days? Barn2 has a customer for life with their great products and top notch customer support. I highly recommend both their products and their team.
Excellent Product and Excellent Support
We have been using the WooCommerce Product Table plugin for three years now on our WooCommerce site. The plugin is stable, does what it says, and the Barn2 team is excellent. They even added features we asked for, and their support is fast, professional, and very helpful. We definitely recommend it!
Fantastic Support
I'm extremely happy and impressed with the professional and fast support we've received from the development team.
Just what we needed
Fantastic product, goes hand in hand with Wholesale Pro and the support isn't too bad either, in fact, it's awesome!
I chose Barn2's MP3 player after considering not less than fifteen other products offered by their competitors. The reason had as much to do with the clarity and completeness of their text descriptions as the product itself. Sure enough: Come time to install and configure the player, it took only a few minutes due to their excellent instructions. When a question arose, they responded quickly, and again, with great communication. Barn2 is my go-to provider for any future WordPress plugin needs that they can supply!
Perfect Support and Service
WooCommerce Product Tables is an great way to implement audio files into a WooCommerce Website. Thank you for this awesome plugin. Thank you als for your help and support via email. Best, Stefan
Awesome plugin
WooCommerce Product Tables just works. Beautifully. It performs very quickly, providing great user experience and the support is excellent too. Great plugin from a great company, thanks Barn2. :)
Excellent Support
Building a custom B2B site and the Barn2 Team has been great in guiding with customizations. From a developer's point of view, their plugins are very intuitive and easy to implement.
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