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Very Useful Plugin
The plugin is useful and effective year after year, update after update. This is extremely important, I have no interest in building websites with flyby night developers. I need confidence, that the plugins I use will be around for years to come, compatible with future updates, and that when I need help I will get a response. That is why Barn2 is on my approved plugin developer list. Sidenote: This specific plugin is very versatile. It is not just a table plugin, if you think creatively you can make it display information in some very interesting ways on your website.
Barn2's WC Product Table is exactly what we needed!
Our client is a B2B equipment manufacturing company, which needed to display many product variations with sometimes a lot of attributes for each product in a filterable table layout. WooCommerce Product Table is the perfect fit. We had a somewhat specialized need, and their support was great: fast, knowledgeable, and friendly.
Excellent Customer Service
We have loved using their products for a couple of years now. Recently we ran into a minor issue with renewing one of our licenses and they were quick to respond and resolved the issue promptly and professionally. Edge, was such a pleasure to work with and he provided excellent customer support. I highly recommend!
Great plugin with fast customer support
What a great plugin you have developed, it solves a huge issue for us as we have many variable products and to show them as a table is great for our customers. The other possibilities that are on offer are going to provide a great solution for our customers. Here is your work in action - Works fantastic with Flatsome and a whole host of YITH plugins. Also is working well with the Wholesale Suite plugins which we have had many problems with in the past.
Fantastic plugin and outstanding support!
Very easy to set up, this plugin is packed with tons of options to display the perfect product table on any page or post using a simple shortcode. You can choose the columns, rename them, hide the column title, use variations dynamically, add buttons, ... you name it, the plugin does it! Excellent documentation and outstanding support make that plugin a 'must have' for any WooCommerce shop. Simply brilliant.
Essential Plugin for Wholesale Ordering
As a website developer I was recently hired to redevelop an online shop for the purchase of wholesale and retail artificial flowers. After trying a few other wholesale product display plug ins with no luck as they conflicted with the theme I was using, I came across the Barn2 Media product display plug in. This plug in certainly delivers everything it promises in the sales pages, and also very easy to set up and customise the display that is required. We had 192 products with color variants that needed loading on one page ... so, yes page load times are a serious consideration. This plug in acknowledges this requirement and has also provided solutions in its settings to address this issue. That's what I believe makes this plug in worth the investment. Attention to crucial details such as this shows the developers are serious about providing an optimum product for their market. I highly recommend this plug in to any website developer looking for a very reliable wholesale product display.
Great Customer Service
Again am blown away by this company's services and how prompt they dealt with my website issues which has been giving me sleepless night i.e slow load, variations acting up etc. I swear Katie is a Magician!
Love it!
This plugin helped us to display our products in a whole new way. Our clients now have a very detailed / elegant view that shows the different variations / pricing. I would recommend this plugin to anyone.
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WooCommerce Product Table

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