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A very flexible -added value to my music website
About a year ago I was searching for a solution/plugin to manage all my music. I'm a singer songwriter and was seeking a way to provide my fans/listeners with an easy way to listen to, download, and purchase my music. Barn2's WooCommerce Product Table did the trick nicely! What's cool is I can have my fans search for specific songs from particular albums - or if they don't know exactly what they are looking for, but are in a particular mood or want to hear a particular style - I was able to create custom filters/dropdown menus to choose from to help narrow the search. Here is a link to my website - as of November 21, 2021 it is not yet complete, but should be done by year end - please feel free to visit now and take a look around :-) Cheers!
Absolutely Amazing!!!
This plugin has revolutionized our wholesale website. It makes it so easy for our customers to see the products in a table with the necessary information and order lots of products quickly. I would highly recommend it!
Simple but powerful
Hi everyone, I would share my impressions of using that plugin and my worries before I bought it. When I looked on the plugin's price tag I just would say "good but not for now", because cost of plugin seems overpriced for it facilities. Moreover, my needs is only listings my services price and summarys for the visitors of my website without any additional features which the plugins has. So i wouldn't pay for the plugin a hundred $ just simply showing prices. Therefore I was trying to looking for another solutions. And all what I got is many issues with other plugins which I have to fix in order to integration with my website . So i decided to buy "Woocommerce product table" and check it out.. After what i had before I was surprised how easy woocommerce product table plugin going on. Once I activated it and insert the shortcode of the plugin into the pages it just was working and looking perfect on the desktop and mobile devices. In additional, the Google analytics illustrated the higher time which users spending on the page and higher page views rate of the visitors whom landed on the pages with price table. As a result of that I have got the top3 positions on the search engine such as Google and Yandex within high competitive keywords. In short, I would recommend the Woocommerce Price table Plugin plugin for demonstrate for visitors of you shop the prices and increase the level of interest for you website. As a result you will get higher position on the search engines and enlarge the income from your websites. Thank you!
Easy to use, good functionality, great support
This plugin is very easy to use and implement. Has good documentation and great support from the team if needed. I used the Woocommerce Product Table on a site that sells motorcycle parts. Worked out perfectly for me and surely for anyone who needs to be able to filter among a lot of products.
Perfect solution for large and small product databases.
This is the perfect, most flexible, and easy to navigate solution for any WooCommerce store. We have over 100,000 products and it loads fast, and the search works flawlessly. There is no other extension like this I have found with this level of quality, flexibility, and performance. Won't hesitate to purchase any of Barn2 plugins. Perfect elegant solution and they are always adding new features! That's the best part.. they listen and implement customer suggestions.
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WooCommerce Product Table

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