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Essential Plugin for Wholesale Ordering
As a website developer I was recently hired to redevelop an online shop for the purchase of wholesale and retail artificial flowers. After trying a few other wholesale product display plug ins with no luck as they conflicted with the theme I was using, I came across the Barn2 Media product display plug in. This plug in certainly delivers everything it promises in the sales pages, and also very easy to set up and customise the display that is required. We had 192 products with color variants that needed loading on one page ... so, yes page load times are a serious consideration. This plug in acknowledges this requirement and has also provided solutions in its settings to address this issue. That's what I believe makes this plug in worth the investment. Attention to crucial details such as this shows the developers are serious about providing an optimum product for their market. I highly recommend this plug in to any website developer looking for a very reliable wholesale product display.
This is the table you want!
You pay a little more than the others but you get more. Very customizable, easy to use, comprehensive web site to help you out. Glad we got this one.
Fantastic Plugin - Wonderful Documentation
I was looking for a great table plugin that allowed me to create a "store" out of my product table and the folks at Barn2Media nailed it! Not only does the table work brilliantly, but their abundance of support documentation and videos thoroughly explain every feature and setting. As a business owner (and not a programmer), their videos are so easy to follow and don't assume that you know everything about WordPress, Woocommerce, and programming in general. You definitely get what you pay for with this plugin - and that's a good thing!
Great Product :))
Barn2Media's product name is the best value for the money you will find. I've reviewed the features, support, and cost from over a dozen other options. Their support responded within 24 hours of each email question. They are also great with clarifying anything you didn't understand in their response. Highly recommended!
A Great Plugin
I found for the price there isn't another order plug in for woodcommerce lone enough any of the other shopping carts. It's flexible, makes for a great restaurant on line ordering systems comparable to the ones that have to be costume designed and you know how much that could cost
WooCommerce Product Table saved me time and money
The WooCommerce Product Table is well thought out and provides a great responsive experience. The switch between desktop and mobile is elegant and clean. The plugin saved me hours or creating a *true* list view myself and then having to design a way for my own list view to be responsive. This saved me time and money. Very pleased with the results.
Amazing plugin and really professional support
It was exactly what I was looking for my WooCommerce website. It fits perfectly on my WP dark background template. Very easy to implement on any page. It looks beautiful and works perfectly. Also super fast and super professional and careful support. I'm really happy to have purchased the Product Table. It can be seem expensive but it's really worth it.
Just what WooCommerce always needed!
WooCommerce Product Table is the only plugin that I found that could create the tables this way and with so much flexibility. (Displaying product tables with buy now buttons should've been built into WooCommerce a LONG time ago) I’m not a developer and had NO problem understanding your detailed knowledge base getting my tables configured how I wanted them. Anything I didn't understand or couldn't find, your support was very quick to direct me in the right direction. THAT IS AWESOME! The ONLY issue I had, in the beginning, was the cost, it seemed a little high for an ecommerce plugin. But after using the product, the extensive knowledge base, and the EXCELLENT customer support, its TOTALLY worth every penny! I’m sure I’ll be using it on another project VERY soon. Thank You, Steve Adams | 316 Design | 619.726.9923 We live the lifestyles that we promote.™
A great value plugin
On the face of it not as cheap as other plugins but in the long term I benefited more from the savings in time. Really well coded and documented, it works, its flexible beyond my needs and the support is excellent. Highly recommended.
The Product Table plugin is well worth the price
My mistake, I tried some cheaper WooCommerce product table plugins only to be disappointed with errors and poor support. I stepped up and bought the Barn2 Media WooCommerce Product Table plugin, and it worked straight away. The documentation was easy to find and understand in that I had my table with specific columns up and visible very quickly. Katie was very fast with an answer to my question.
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WooCommerce Product Table

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