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Solid, versatile, great support
We're using WooCommerce Product Table to display certified products on two different pages on our website. This plugin has met all our needs and is easily configurable to meet the specific uses on the different pages. Support and documentation have been a great help, too!
I chose Barn2's MP3 player after considering not less than fifteen other products offered by their competitors. The reason had as much to do with the clarity and completeness of their text descriptions as the product itself. Sure enough: Come time to install and configure the player, it took only a few minutes due to their excellent instructions. When a question arose, they responded quickly, and again, with great communication. Barn2 is my go-to provider for any future WordPress plugin needs that they can supply!
Best Product Table Plugin
It just works, the documentation is very clear. It's easy to customize, and offers a lot of options for columns. It's also very fast, I was surprised how was it loads the products and being able to add a lot of products to the cart at once, and also filter them by categories. The shortcode makes it super easy to add the table anywhere on your site.
Barn2 plugins rock!
This is the fourth Barn2 plugin I have purchased for use on client websites and they all get 5 stars for reliability, usability, configurability, documentation, and support. I'm very impressed by the number of ways that you can configure the display and functionality by means of backend settings and shortcode parameters. My client loves the WooCommerce Product Table plugin - he says this is the way he's wanted his Shop page to look for years.
Product Table plugin rocks
Some WordPress plugins can be a bit sketchy, and you're not sure whether to have confidence in them. Barn2's WooCommerce Product Table plugin is not one of those, but a fantastic, solid product that perfectly fits a common need. I was amazed at how easy this was to use, and impressed many times with the documentation and the support I received. I'll be back to this developer for more!
Great Products & Customer Support
I've purchased several plugins and have loved each of them. I've also had to email customer support (not for any issues on their end, just mine) and got extremely rapid, professional, and excellent help. This is a great company to work with, that has wonderful plugins.
Easy to use, developer friendly.
I've used this plugin on a couple of projects for different clients. It works well, is developer friendly, and well documented. Love it.
We did a lot of searching for the best plugin our client needed for a wholesale liquor distribution website. The documentation was easy to understand and it had all the bells and whistles needed to make our website project work.
Restaurant tutorials + Product Table = New website in less than a few days!
I run a small food cart in Ohio, USA. Because of COVID/Corona my state government has recommended that my customers be able to order online and that they receive a text when their order is done to mitigate folks standing around my food cart waiting for their order to come up. Barn2's restaurant tutorials saved my butt!! and now i have an awesome looking and functional website. I haven't used WordPress in over a decade... ? forever.. ?. And I've never used Woocommerce. It took a week of me fighting with my Square POS issues and finding a theme that fit my style. After those two things we're settled it took no time for me to follow the tutorials and basically cut and paste Barn2's examples. I didn't have to take the time to understand syntax, parameters, or wrap my head around generic, abstract documentation that I normally can't understand without multiple, relatable examples. I even took it a step further and plagiarized the look of the website mentioned in the tutorials: Deliciously Clean Eats - . Thank you!
Adding online shops to existing and new clients is a breeze!
A number of our clients don't want a full "photographic catalogue" of their products. There are many scenarios where a list of rows is more suited. This is where "Product Table" shines! With category and tag filters, customers are provided with an intuitive, beautiful display that gets them to your products - fast! ...And on the occasion when the comprehensive online documentation leaves you with a question, the Support team are awesome! Thanks Barn2!
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