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Excellent Product with Phenomenal Customer Support
Barn2 plugins are simple to setup and simply work right out of the gate! I found the WooCommerce Product Table plugin for a client and it was the perfect solution for B2B sales. But what sets Barn2 apart from other plugin providers, is the absolutely INCREDIBLE customer support. Adrian went WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND in terms of customer service. I asked question in a support ticket that was outside the scope of the Table plugin. Nonetheless, Adrian responded that he wanted to help me anyway and found the solution I was looking for. Who does that these days? Barn2 has a customer for life with their great products and top notch customer support. I highly recommend both their products and their team.
I chose Barn2's MP3 player after considering not less than fifteen other products offered by their competitors. The reason had as much to do with the clarity and completeness of their text descriptions as the product itself. Sure enough: Come time to install and configure the player, it took only a few minutes due to their excellent instructions. When a question arose, they responded quickly, and again, with great communication. Barn2 is my go-to provider for any future WordPress plugin needs that they can supply!
Excellent table
Excellent table to display the products, we don't use it now because we are not selling physical products, but if I have to use a product table again, it will definitely be the Barn2 one.
The best support I have come across, and a beautiful plug-in.
I am so happy with both the product and support offered from Barn2 Plugins. I had some issues with compatibility at first, and they were so happy to help me troubleshoot, provide options, alternatives, and assist throughout the process. I tried a number of different plugins throughout this process and this one was by far the most user-friendly and attractive. Highly recommend, both the plugin and Barn2 generally!
Excellent product and support
I found few products to do the task but it didn't matter, the best would be Product Table. Fast courteous support too. Don't think too much before buying :)
Essential Plugin for Wholesale Ordering
As a website developer I was recently hired to redevelop an online shop for the purchase of wholesale and retail artificial flowers. After trying a few other wholesale product display plug ins with no luck as they conflicted with the theme I was using, I came across the Barn2 Media product display plug in. This plug in certainly delivers everything it promises in the sales pages, and also very easy to set up and customise the display that is required. We had 192 products with color variants that needed loading on one page ... so, yes page load times are a serious consideration. This plug in acknowledges this requirement and has also provided solutions in its settings to address this issue. That's what I believe makes this plug in worth the investment. Attention to crucial details such as this shows the developers are serious about providing an optimum product for their market. I highly recommend this plug in to any website developer looking for a very reliable wholesale product display.
Best plugin I could find
I did a lot of research on finding a plugin that list products like the WooCommerce Product Table. I downloaded 3 or 4 other ones but nothing compared to this one. Great plugin so easy to set up and worked right off the bat. Never needed any kind of support because everything I needed was in the documentation. I would recommend this and any one of their plugins.
Awesome plugin, awesome support
I tried out a few other product table extensions before going for this one. It trumps the rest by a country mile! Clear documentation, and quick replies from support too. Thanks for making a plugin that does exactly what I needed and does it really well!
Amazing Plugin - going to help with father in laws business
Let me start off by saying that the customer service for this plugin is top notch. Response time is amazing. The plugin is just the plugin I was looking for and works perfectly. I am using this for my father in laws diamond business as he requested a table layout for his products. I couldn't find any other plugin that works like this one and has the developers working hard for you with any request to improve upon the amazing plugin. Thank you and keep up the amazing work!!
Exactly what we were looking for, PLUS super-fast, awesome docs and support
We were looking for a product table with the ability to buy several things without being directed to the individual product pages and well, that's what this plugin does! :) I loved the clear and concise documentation, despite the multitude of different settings available. This plugin offers a lot of options and it's really wonderful to see that the documentation actually teaches you how to use it for the most specific cases. Also loving how quickly it loads - I was expecting something clunky and it seems like the plugin is coded extremely well. I don't know too much about coding plugins, but I've seen a lot of slow, ugly ones with much less functionality. Bravo!
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