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I chose Barn2's MP3 player after considering not less than fifteen other products offered by their competitors. The reason had as much to do with the clarity and completeness of their text descriptions as the product itself. Sure enough: Come time to install and configure the player, it took only a few minutes due to their excellent instructions. When a question arose, they responded quickly, and again, with great communication. Barn2 is my go-to provider for any future WordPress plugin needs that they can supply!
A very flexible -added value to my music website
About a year ago I was searching for a solution/plugin to manage all my music. I'm a singer songwriter and was seeking a way to provide my fans/listeners with an easy way to listen to, download, and purchase my music. Barn2's WooCommerce Product Table did the trick nicely! What's cool is I can have my fans search for specific songs from particular albums - or if they don't know exactly what they are looking for, but are in a particular mood or want to hear a particular style - I was able to create custom filters/dropdown menus to choose from to help narrow the search. Here is a link to my website - as of November 21, 2021 it is not yet complete, but should be done by year end - please feel free to visit now and take a look around :-) Cheers!
Fantastic Plugin!
Fantastic plugin for making rows for selling music !
The Perfect Tool!!
WooCommerce Product Table is very powerful and flexible. It's exactly the tool we were looking for. We sell individual sounds and samples and The Product Table does the perfect job. We highly recommend it. It looks clean, and it's very user friendly. The customer support is top quality and always there to assist. I'm very happy with the plug-in! 5 Stars!!
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WooCommerce Product Table

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