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Amazing Support!
I am very happy about the plugin itself and most of all, the support team. The team have been very responsive, quick fix and release, which allowed us to release the website on time. Thank you very much Barn2, if I need another plugin (or the same), I will obviously come back.
Wonderful Support
The Support Team at Barn2 helped me pinpoint an issue I was having with a third party theme (one I really wanted to use). They pinpointed the code issue in the 3rd party theme and then provided a workaround for me, as well as a fix that I passed along to the developer. Thank you Barn2 Support!
WooCommerce Product Options
This plugin does exactly what I need for my shop, and has a great variety of options that no other plugin has. The support is also quick and effective. Would recommend.
Un support rapide et un plugin performant pour le calcul des prix (WooCommerce Product Options)
Je tenais à vous faire part de ma satisfaction concernant votre service après-vente et votre plugin. Votre support est tout simplement remarquable, avec des réponses rapides et une assistance exceptionnelle. Le plugin (WooCommerce Product Options) que j'ai acheté fonctionne parfaitement et répond pleinement à mes besoins spécifiques en matière de calcul des prix. Je suis vraiment impressionné par sa performance et sa facilité d'utilisation.
Great product, Super support
Works like a dream and did exactly what I wanted to do in my webshop. I had a question for support and they answered with a perfect solution within 24h.
Well written, awesome support
The best Product Options plugin ever made. Neatly written code, excellent support, and promises to develop and add functionality in the future. A real best buy. Thank you!
Great Product, Excellent Support
Needed help with customizing font size and color, got outstanding customer service and support from Amir! Thank you!
Great Product, Excellent Support
Easy to set up and the support is amazing. Can not rate this company high enough
Barn2 WooCommerce Product Options Plugin
Thank you for the fast and good help!
Works great with WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering!
The team at Barn2 has done it again! This plugin is an excellent addition to our arsenal, particularly when we need to add a few product options quickly. There are other product options plugins out there, we've tried many of them, and some are great, too. However, most of them have too many features that it becomes an ordeal to add a basic extra option to a product. With Barn2's offering, we were able to add our options in no time, and it works great with restaurant-type ordering, where you want customers to be able to click on a thumbnail to add options (think Pizza). We found a weird edge case, and the support team was on their A-game, fixing the issue and releasing an update in less than 48 hours. Keep up the good work, team!
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WooCommerce Product Options

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